Growing and Styling a Beard for Personal Grooming

Growing and Styling a Beard for Personal Grooming

For many of us men today, a beard is indeed a style statement. In fact, there are just so many styles to choose from. Your beard should be your signature statement. For a successfully styled beard, you have to closely watch your features. You need to ensure the style totally suits your facial attributes. It is doomsday for any person who simply copies another.

Let us consider some basic aspects and relations between you, your beard, and the ultimate effect and look. A longish face would do well with a beard grown and set and covering your chin only. To lend more credence to the overall effect, it should be trimmed short. This would help to accentuate your cheekbones, making your face and jawline seems more aquiline.

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A slightly puffed face would however do well to have a beard running thin, from sideburn to sideburn, and the hair on the chin be evenly trimmed. This look would definitely add to the character of your face. Likewise, different face structures are made to carry out different styles, if you drift off what I am suggesting. So it is advisable to be choosy and have a positive game plan before you begin growing your very own beard.

In order to help you formulate a plan of action, some time-tested suggestions are definitely in order. However, please remember, the ultimate resultant factor will depend a lot on the beard style chosen by you. Since this would probably be your first time, let me put you at ease. The worst-case scenario in beard growing is that the end look just does not live up to your expectations. The way out would be to simply press hard on the delete button to erase it completely, or, now that you have a nice tuft of hair grown on your face, you could make the necessary alterations. It would be a bit of a trial and error method, but the option would be there. Now for the tips.

Game plan

This part is the easiest. Once you have absolutely made up your mind about the addition of a beard on your face, simply discard the razor, and of every kind, and just let the facial hair grow. A fore-warning, it is going to be difficult in the early stages, as you have been used to the clean-shaven look, and above all, feel. To add to the misery, after the clean look, this slightly shabby façade could make you feel just that bit uncomfortable. However, just remember, it will all be compensated once you have achieved what you desire. Believe me; it would then be worth the while.

Grit and determination

This is the part when you are in the middle of the process to achieve exactly what you want and have foreseen for yourself. You require cultivating a fair amount of hair growth, in order to get the desired result. When put in simple words, there should be an adequate amount of facial hair before and when you begin your trimming exercise.

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Rigorous brushing

While your hair is performing its growing act without complaint, you need to daily brush the hair down rigorously, and in one direction, top to bottom. This will prevent the entanglement problem and give you, now wildly growing beard, a softer look. Regular brushing will also help release your body oil, thus strengthening the hair strands.

The ultimate factor

Now you are ready to begin trimming the excesses and attaining the final look you so do cherish.

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