Write For Us


  • It is required to follow the following guidelines to write the content to get easy approval:
    1. Choose the topic that attract  your audience and relevant to your industry
    2. Length of headline should be 60-70 character with space
    3. Content should be original and exclusive with no plagiarism
    4. Content should be error free – means no grammatical and  spelling errors
    5. Content should be relevant to the topic you have chosen
    6. Keyword density – 1-2%
    7. Article length is of minimum 600 words and maximum of 1500 words
    8. Share the images that you need to include in your post. Atleast 1 images is mandatory of size (1920X1200) or more. The image should e uploaded in featured image section.
    9. Content should not be promotional.
    10. Content should be informative and well researched.
    11. Don’t use words like Best, Excellent, Most famous, Most Attractive, Good, Best or any word which praise the offered services
    12. Include sub headings, points, bullets etc… in content, it makes content easy to read and attractive.
    13. Don’t share abusive or adult content.
    14. You can include links to recognized websites that helps the reader to access official resources on the topic.
    15. Avoid linking to general interest sites, blogs or sites that contain similar content.
    16. Send your content on riseandbeam0@gmail.com