Instagram is influencing social media, where you can get all type of content like text, image, video, and also text, video call and more by these unique features Instagram become popular, and also you can see from big-brand companies to celebrities here and watch their posts, activities, and events.

Quotes are unique because you can get all types of quotes like motivation quotes, emotional quotes, inspiration quotes, Shayari quotes, attitude quotes, and more types of quotes.

In quotes content you can get unlimited content sections, also in quotes, you can gain more followers because people don’t like to read long stories, just they want to read quotes with meaning and inspire them in a minute. So quotes content is the best section for gaining more followers and increasing page value in a short time.


lifestyle post is nothing but updating date to day activities, (if your popular person) this type of content is most interesting because people want to see all that going on in other’s lives and what their day to day living style as like what they eat, what they read, where they go, there dressing, and thinking and more things they want actively want to see and follow their lifestyle.


The open-ended question means some people ready to interact with your post and engage in social platforms, to attract them and increase followers and engagement with your post you need to ask an open-ended question that they can easily interact with your post and engage with it, the question as like, 1) what is your opinion about this?, 2) Is this true? 3) which is your favorite one? Etc…


testimonials it is the most valuable content and helpful to your business to increase sales and generate revenue because testimonials mean a person or buyer who experienced tour product or service and reviewing about that, how it is helpful, what it is, how this product changed their life, why others need to use this product and more.

Why this testimonial content means it increases the sales and brand image of your business.

Do you know, it increases the chances of buying your product or service by seeing other customer’s referrals and their review about a product or service.


it is the most interesting topic ever, people enjoy watching behind the scene rather than completed work because in behind the scene people want to know how they did and what things happened behind the scene, what the things they used and more, this the content where you will get the highest followers because from children to old age people everyone is curious to watch the behind the scenes.


Fun facts are the best content ever because people interested in knowing the fun fact about your company, organization as you know fun facts are something really curious and serious things or events that truly happened with the funny incident. This is the type of content where you get to educate and gentle followers and also helps increase awareness about the digital marketing company services.


Promotional posts nothing but advertising your products and service on social media with engaging content, call to Acton, where you can convert your followers to customers with promotional posts, also it does not mean if you’re not getting sales through your social media, it won’t happen a day, you need consistency, till that your making awareness about the brand.


The brand story is nothing but telling people about the brand, how it becomes brand, what it faced the issues in the initials, how it overcomes the problems, fun facts, who helped this brand to increase, how it actually looks in the initial (starting) product and how it upgraded day by day, and more things about your brand and also it helps to increase your brand awareness, gain trust in the customer.


Video content is the most popular and highest engaging content ever in history because people want to time pass and enjoy their free time with what they love to watch, and this video content is never going to end and people never going to stop watching videos. Also, videos are helpful in business or in any other work to increase brand awareness because video content is very informative engaging.


Giveaway is the content that everyone wants to grab because it free, this the content that provides valuable content, like eBooks, samples, etc. by giving this type of content where you can gain lots of followers for your page. Also, by giving free eBooks, you can collect information like mail, number, name, etc. which can convert them to your customers.


Featured posts are something that posting on a particular day or an event that on every week or month that you can’t miss that posts in the community as like Friday post, or community response that is something provoking and sparking the curiosity in the community member. this type of content is something sensitive needs proper account management.

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