6 Best Tools To Create Logos

6 Best Tools To Create Logos

The logo is a basic and visual symbol that is made up of images, letters, colors, dimensions, and so on. Currently, it can be said that the logo is the graphic representation of a brand.

It is an important part of any company, no matter what it is. It will somehow represent your work, so if you want to convey professionalism and quality to your clients, having a good logo is an excellent help.

If you want to get the most out of your logo and create one that impresses and attracts customers, you must seek the right help. However, there are several logo creators so that choosing can be overwhelming, so this article will give you the 6 best tools for creating logos.

Here are the 6 best logo makers to try


Every company starts with a logo and a brand identity. And that is exactly what DesignEvo helps you achieve in a very simple way. DesignEvo is an online service that allows you to select a well-suited logo template from more than 10,000 templates to customize for a unique design.

DesignEvo Online Logo Creator REVIEW | MacSources

It solves long lead times and expensive designer fees while giving you a good custom logo to use anywhere in your business, plus additional branding and marketing materials. Best of all, no design skills are required at all. All you have to do is to find a template to customize.


This tool stands out a lot for the importance they give to its users. It offers help almost instantaneously. It has an online chat dedicated to answering any questions you may have. This can be done live or by email, depending on what suits you.

Logogenie - Usetool | Les indispensables du webmarketing

Logogenie has many tools that will allow you to express yourself perfectly and it is also extremely simple to use. However, the fact that it is simple does not limit it. It offers quite professional options.


This logo generator is made to have an aesthetic and interesting logo in a matter of minutes. It is quite simple to use, so it is quite convenient for the inexperienced.

After helping 5M+ entrepreneurs, Logojoy rebrands to Looka, giving new  business owners an easy way to design their own beautiful brand

Looka guides you throughout the process, allows you to choose the background, icon, design, and style, and then offers you many logo options. You would have various choices and pay only for the one you choose. After deciding the logo that will be your base, you can customize it however you want, including the colors, the font, or the icon.

Although it offers customization options, it can also be very limited, mainly in size and positioning, which can complicate things if you want to do something very specific.

Wix Logo Maker

Like Looka, Wix Logo Maker works through an AI that selects what you prefer to generate different logotypes. For this, you have to provide information about your brand or business.

Wix Unveils Plans for New Headquarters in Tel Aviv

After you provide the necessary information, it will show you different templates that you can customize to your liking with a few clicks. This generator has the advantage of having unlimited editions for free.

When it comes to online logo creators, this is one of the best options; it offers you many options and is super simple to use. It gives you the option to save your designs so that you can edit them again or buy them whenever you want.

Tailor Brands

It guides you step by step through the process, offers excellent results, and is flexible. It can be used easily, and you don’t need to have a lot of prior knowledge to get what you want. You can let your imagination run wild and get an excellent logo.

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It can be based on type only, and you can also use your business initials to generate an icon, you can also create a logo that includes the icon. It also has a fairly extensive library of icons.


You do not even need to register an account to start creating a very useful and efficient creator. Just enter your business or company name and you will have already entered a logo editor.

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It cannot be very easy for those who do not have any design training since Squarespace will show you a blank page. Unlike the previous tools, this does not generate any base that you can edit, but you must start from scratch. However, this particularity does not make it extremely complicated but more challenging.

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