3 Tips To Find Your Style & Update Your Wardrobe

3 Tips To Find Your Style & Update Your Wardrobe

We all want to look the best, feel the best and wear the best. The best way to express yourself, they say, is through your clothes. Your style speaks a lot about yourself. But many times, you may not know what your style is. You may not be aware of what that style quotient is that will transform you. And if you want to find that style of yours, you can go through this article to guide you on your search for your clothing style.

Document Your Outfits Through Photos

The first point to keep in mind is to remember to take your photo every day of your outfit, and this could be an outfit that maybe you don’t feel necessarily represents yourself. But in my opinion, photos give you a bit more self-awareness of what your outfit looks like in a 2D dimension. You have to inspire yourself with something that is going on in your life, such as your career. 

Doing so consecutively for 365 days and taking your photos every single day of your outfit gives you so much more aware of where you are with your wardrobe. Also, posting it online will give you a lot more motivation to keep posting. It also allows you to have more reflection and more community around your outfits and around what other people are doing. If you are willing to publicly post your stuff online and just show your outfits every day, it could encourage you if you need any extra boost of motivation. You could also totally do this privately, just like on your phone, and keep a little log of your outfits. After a year of doing this, you will be so much further advanced and more informed ab style than you were a year before.

Stick To A Color Scheme

These are for signature colors. If you are looking for the timeless wardrobe that you own, the most basic standard basis that you know you will be wearing three years from now will be in a signature color pallet. You should try and stick to less than 5 colors in a color pallet. Anything more than that can be a bit overwhelming and kind of disorganized or unintentional. 

Assess Your Current Wardrobe

The only way to deal with step 2 is to take everything out of your closet, out of your drawers, and put them into piles of colors. Take notice of the patterns in your wardrobe. If you do like to wear one particular vibrant color, then maybe tone down the rest of the colors so that that color can be sort of the diva. What happens here is you will be able to pull things out of your closet in the morning, and they are going to match, and they will go together.

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