Catering Services: Want To Make Your Meals A Hit?

Want to make your events a hit?

Revamping a brand is a tough task, so how about making some minor changes that would create a huge impact on your events. There are numerous catering services in Karachi that took their catering game to the next level.

Minor changes can make your catered event look distinct and upgraded than before. Try reconsidering the food and beverage for any event while keeping the seasons in mind.

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The following changes in your catered event and menu planning will make your event stand out among the typical catered event meals;

1. Know Your Guest Profile

What makes an event successful? Yes, indeed it depends upon the guests, and how much they enjoyed the event. But it also relies upon the organization that scheduled it.

Thus, you should ask about the guest profile, as catering services to make sufficient and their preferable food. For instance, you could give them a form or word document to input the data of their employees.

The form should have the following:

  • Professional level
  • The location where guests reside
  • The ethnic background of your guests

2. Know Your Guest Preferences

What’s better than knowing your guest’s preferences?

An impeccable catering service knows how to make an event a great success with their food. All you have to do is ask the organization for their permission to conduct a survey for the event to meet the needs.

Ask the following questions;

  • The older groups of attendees may prefer a milder menu.
  • The health-conscious attendees may prefer more seafood and vegetarian options.
  • Younger or middle-aged attendees may prefer spicier or simply more adventurous meals.

This survey will assist you to get an idea about the guests and which type of event you will be planning.

3. Provide Menu Choices

As a catering service, you must have varieties in your menu option to serve. Make sure you select a menu that will please your guests with their meal. Some general guidelines are;

  • Two choices of entrées
  • Three or more salad dressing options for salad courses
  • Two dessert options

4. Anticipate Special Needs

Considering guest’s special needs would work as an incentive for your catering services. People have become more health-conscious about their food intake, thus your client’s guest would appreciate considering their needs.

Make sure you take the survey forms for a good cause to take care of special dietary needs. Those considerations may include:

  • Food allergies
  • Food Intolerances
  • Religious requirements
  • Voluntary dietary restrictions

5. Incorporate Seasonal and Fresh Items

What makes catering services impeccable and intriguing? Obviously, it’s food and beverages.

A catering service is recognized by their presentation and food. Before any event, you should determine food and beverage. Also, you must consider the season to select food or menus along with the region or location of the event.

An ideal menu consists of a variety of food while incorporating seafood or regionally grown produce to reflect the locale.

6. Ethnic or Regional Menus

Nowadays, people get bored easily. Events are becoming tedious because of their typical same food. So how about planning ethnic themes?

The best part is that it allows the event planner and executive chef to work together and innovate something out of the box. People appreciate region-specific and international foods in events that make them feel nostalgic.

Ethnic catering includes the following

  • Asian
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern

7. Menu that Fits the Event Schedule

Timings can either make or break an event. Determine the timings of the event then choose the meal-type and menu options that best suit the time.

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Consider these common event meal examples;

  • Box lunches are best for 30 minutes
  • Plated meals usually require 1.5 hours
  • Buffets may be completed in about 1 hour
  • Cocktail requires 1 hour before dinner.

8. Comfortable Setup

Ambiance matters! The layout of a room supports your event objectives and the scheduled meals.

The right selection of table setup and spacious place for people to move as needed can an event spectacularly successful.

Consider these setup tips:

  • The boardroom setup is a maximum of 15 guests.
  • Classroom style is great for a presentation.
  • Banquet style promotes small group discussions.

9. Presentation of Food and Beverage

Humans tend to judge everything with their eyes. Things or food that looks appealing and pleasing to their eyes, they desire to have it.

Presentations of catered events or services are necessary in order to market the brand further. Whether it’s served plated or buffet, it should be visually colorful, fragrant, and appetizing.

Moreover, try to collaborate with the event planner to complement the theme and decoration with your meals. As an adage “We eat with our eyes and our noses before actually tasting the food.”


People are tired of typical events that have the same menu and beverages that every event has. Serve your client’s guest appetizing and appealing food with distinct variations to make your catering service

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