5 Tips to Prevent Hair Damage From Hair Colouring

5 Tips to Prevent Hair Damage From Hair Colouring

Hair colouring is an excellent way to transform your look, but it can also damage your hair. The chemicals used in hair dye can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage.From over-processing to using the wrong products, there are number of ways your hair can be damaged from hair colouring. However, with a few precautions, you can minimise hair damage from hair colouring. In this blog, we will provide five tips to prevent hair damage from hair colouring.

By following these five tips, you can help protect your hair while still enjoying the benefits of hair colouring. With the right easy hair color shampoo and techniques, you can maintain healthy, vibrant hair without the worry of damage.

Choose a quality colour

The most crucial and initial step in preventing hair damage is to select the appropriate products like best shampoo hair colour from Absolutely Ayur. Look for hair colouring products that are especially developed for the kind and colour of your hair when shopping. When colouring your hair for the first time, be sure to select a gentle product free of damaging chemicals. Your hair’s health can be significantly impacted by the quality of your hair colour. Inexpensive hair dyes frequently include harsh chemicals that can seriously harm your hair. Choose a premium hair dye that includes nourishing components like keratin and argan oil. These components support hair nourishment and damage prevention.

Always Do a patch test

An essential step in preventing hair damage is performing a patch test before colouring your hair. It’s important to perform a patch test before using the hair dye all over your head. To see if you have an allergic response, apply a little bit of hair colour to a hidden place and wait for 24 to 48 hours. Serious hair damage can be avoided with one little technique. A patch test can help you avoid an unpleasant reaction by revealing whether you are allergic to any of the dye’s ingredients. Apply a little amount of the dye to a hidden part of your skin, such as behind your ear, to do a patch test. After 24 hours, look for any irritation symptoms. Use the colour only if there are no redness or itching symptoms.

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Condition before & after

Even though deep conditioning is a critical component in any hair care regimen, it is especially important before and after hair colouring. It’s crucial to understand the kind and condition of your hair before colouring it. Colouring your hair might not be a smart choice if it is already damaged. Moreover, you might want to use a gentler colouring technique, such as a semi-permanent colour, if your hair is naturally dry or fragile. The natural oils and moisture in your hair are restored with a deep conditioner, preventing damage from the dye’s chemicals. Also, it keeps your hair appearing healthy and lustrous while maintaining the vibrancy of the colour.

Avoid daily hair washing

To lessen the risk of hair colouring damage, use sulphate-free shampoos and cut back on hair washing. Over-washing your hair can remove moisture and natural oils, which can cause dryness and breakage. Your hair can become dry and more prone to damage if you wash it frequently since it will lose its natural oils. Try to wash your hair no more than once or twice a week, if at all possible. Use soft shampoos without sulfites as well, as these do not include harsh chemicals that can harm your hair. A sulphate-free shampoo can also aid in preventing the colour from fading too rapidly. You may assist to maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour for longer by reducing the number of times you wash your hair and using sulphate-free shampoos.

Protect from heat styling

Heat styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons can cause severe damage to your hair, especially when used on coloured hair. To prevent damage, avoid heat styling as much as possible.This can be done by applying a deep conditioning treatment to your hair and using a heat protectant when heat styling. If you must use heat styling tools, use a heat protectant spray, and use the lowest heat setting possible.


In conclusion, changing your hair colour can be a lot of fun, but if done incorrectly, it can also harm your hair. Investing in quality hair colouring products and using protective products, avoiding over-coloring, and treating your hair with deep conditioning treatments can help you maintain healthy, vibrant hair without the worry of damage. These suggestions can help you maintain your hair appearing healthy, bright, and vibrant while minimising the harm that hair colouring causes to your hair. Keep in mind that beautiful hair is healthy hair.

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