Checklist of Tools for Your Home Garden

Checklist of Tools for Your Home Garden

Have a knack for gardening?

This pandemic has been rough on us but indeed it taught us to value our nature. Many folks who used to take greenery for granted, learnt the craft to build home gardens, to feel close to nature even by staying indoors.

Gardening is known as the healthiest hobby that one can develop. It helps with depression and anxiety by providing a therapeutic experience. Moreover, the whole cycle of growing plants teaching integral life values like hard work, patience, determination and caring for others.

During this pandemic, my father started gardening and learnt the craft to make a home garden, here are the essential hardware tools you need for it;

1. Hand Trowel

Who’s the jack-of-trades in gardening tools?

Of course, it’s a hand trowel that serves multi-purpose like planting, transplanting and potting. This small tool is essential for gardening.

Try to get one with a sturdy connection between the blade and handle that will provide a comfortable grip on the handle to avoid hand fatigue.

2. Secateurs

Secateurs are an important tool for trimming and shaping plants and shrubs and for removing dead growth. It’s a useful hand tool that can last longer and sharper to take thicker branches.

Make sure you purchase a good quality of secateurs that are comfortable to use.

3. Wheelbarrow

Pruning and want to cart it to the bin?

Wheelbarrows are just made to eases up the burden of moving heavy and materials around your garden.  All you have to do is lump everything like your tools into it and Viola! You easily transport them around as you work.

4. Saw

Have massive shrubs and trees in your garden?

Shaping and pruning massive trees in your garden is an essential and rough task. To tackle the woody weeds like briars, you will need a bow saw that will aid you with heavier cutting tasks in the garden.

5. Rake

R Rakes allow the gardener to remove stones, rocks and clogs from the ground before planting. Also, used for levelling and smoothing the surface of the soil or for gathering debris like leaves and weeds.

Try to get a lightweight, fan-shaped rake that will cover large areas when sweeping up leaves. On the other hand, a heavier duty bow rake will be suitable for dealing with the stony ground.

6. Shovel

What a better tool for digging than a shovel?

Shovels come in a variety of option to meet the jobs around the garden. It’s used for digging and the removal or addition of loose gardening materials like compost, fertilizer, mulch, soil, etc.

Ensure that you have got an optimum quality of shovel to digging a deep hole or filling a bed with compost.

7. Fork

Gardening work is one of the most important tools that work as a multi-purpose piece of equipment. It can be used to aerate lawns, break up compacted soil, create holes for seeds, mix in soil treatment, remove stones and weeds, and soften the tough ground.

8. Spade

A spade has a long handle and a long, narrow, flat head that’s used for cultivation, terracing, contouring, and aid in such tasks as drainage and more. A gardening tool kit is incomplete without it!

9. Gardening Gloves

Afraid your hands are gonna be hurt by thorns and splinters?

Indeed, thorns and splinters uncomfortable and have sharp edges, to preventing by them you must use a good pair of gardening gloves. Gardening tasks can rough on your hands by leaving them sore and irritated.

So hinder the irritation by fetching high-quality gloves that will offer better protection and comfort.

10. Hoe

A garden hoe is a versatile tool that comes in several varieties but mainly Dutch or Draws hoe is suitable for a gardener’s needs. It’s essentially used for cultivating your soil, edging your lawn, and countless other gardening tasks.  Also, it used for preparing beds for planting and weeding.

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