Skin Care Swaps With Seasons

Skin Care Swaps With Seasons

Winter is here and you see people wearing warm sweaters and scarves everywhere! That crisp chill in the air and the cool breeze is going to stay for a while. Besides enjoying the comfort and coziness of this exquisite weather, you should also remember to update your skin care routine according to the winters.

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The dryness of the winter season definitely has an effect on your skin. If you have noticed yet, the skin care routine is also supposed to be changed along with the changing seasons, just like you alter and modify your wardrobe in different seasons. So, while you take out your sweaters, jackets and scarves out from the closet for the winter season, remember to change the items of your skin care routine and add some products that can help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized in this season.

The awareness and tendency of people to have seasonal skin care routines is increasing with time. All the famous beauty and skin care brands today have launched their product lines targeting specific seasons of the year now. Companies claim to release the best moisturizer for winter in their advertisements.

People tend to use products that offer additional moisturizing to the skin during the winters. When we talk about skin care, it should be noted that it is not only about using the right cleansers. Winters have different effects on the skin. Most typically, you might experience chapped, cracked and dry skin, along with rosy cheeks. Skin dryness is caused in winter due to the lower humidity level of the air in that season. Moreover, in the winters, people tend to use heaters indoors and this amplifies the dryness of the skin. The best moisturizer for winter is the one that keeps the skin gentle and fresh throughout the season.

Actually the skin suffers from the direct effects of the dropped temperatures and dry air of the winter season. Most people have cracked skin that leads to dehydration and inflammation of the skin. Actually the moisturizing barrier of the skin is ruptured in the winter and eventually the skin becomes vulnerable.

In the summer, the skin does not need such a strong skin care product because in that season the skin is not as dry as it is in winters. The skin care product to be used in the winter need to have extra features to keep the skin moisturized and humidified. It is very important that you understand the different needs and requirements of your skin in the different weathers and seasons.

In winters, it is better that you don’t use strong cleansers. Instead of gel and foam cleansers, you should apply gentle cream cleansers. Strong cleansers can strip off the essential oils from your skin. People who have dry skin suffer most in the winter as compared to people who have oily skin. Cleansing oil is a type of product that can be used by people who have very dry skin.

Exfoliating the skin during the winter season is also a perfect way to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Exfoliating eliminates the dead cells from the face and revives it, making it look beautiful.

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