How to Take Care of Synthetic Hair

How to Take Care of Synthetic Hair

To take good care of synthetic hair extensions, keep them clean in a dry, cool environment, using a mild, sulfide-free shampoo. Follow this shampoo up with a detangling shampoo and leave your extensions to sit for a few minutes with the detangler still in before you are ready to blow dry your new extensions. Follow these basic steps to ensure your new extensions last for years to come and to make sure that your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Cleaning Process of Your Hair Extension

First, when it comes to the cleaning process of your new sleek fashion idol 101 hair extensions it is important to remember that as much as possible, do not use a dry, scalding shampoo when taking care of your new extensions. This is because they have been processed so that when they are processed they can be damaged when they come in contact with harsh chemicals. Always use gentle shampoos and conditioners to ensure that your hair does not become damaged during the process of processing and maintenance.

Conditioning your Artificial Extension

Secondly, before conditioning your artificial extensions, apply a natural conditioner on them to help prevent damage. When conditioning, you should be gentle but consistent. Do not wash them excessively or you will ruin the natural look of your hair extensions. Apply the conditioner after your shampoo and let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse the hair extension with lukewarm water. You can condition and style your hair with this shampoo every day of the week or whenever you feel the need to take care of your hair with a little extra care.

Use Natural Conditioners

Thirdly, you may also want to use natural conditioners on your natural hair as well to help maintain the texture and the color of your hair extension. This will help prevent frizz and the like and it is also good for providing extra shine and staying in the best possible condition. If you do not use a natural conditioner, you may want to consider using a commercial conditioner from a local salon to get rid of any excess moisture from your natural hair. You may also want to condition your natural hair with an organic conditioner as well. Organic conditioners may contain some of the same ingredients used in commercial conditioners but they are much more beneficial for your hair and your skin.

Blow-dry your Hair Extensions

When blow-drying your new hair extension, it is important to use your blow dryer in a low setting. to avoid damaging the natural color of your hair. Also, you should never blow dry your hair extensions directly onto a straightener or a flat iron.

Fourth, use your blow dryer on a low setting only when you need to use it. Otherwise, let the machine heat dry on its own. If you are using your machine too often, the blow dryer may not be able to keep the heat in the hair.

Fifth, if you need to take care of your hair with your hair spray, you may want to spray the product onto your natural hair first and then use a blow dryer for the rest of the hair. Always be careful not to get the hair spray on the extensions themselves. This could cause permanent damage to your extensions.

Final Words

Finally, you may want to add a protective conditioner to your natural conditioners and use a detangler to finish your conditioning and styling session to keep your synthetic hair as soft and beautiful as ever. Remember, if you follow these simple tips to taking care of your new hair extensions you will have the longest-lasting and healthiest hair you ever had.

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