8 Foods That Kill Erectile Dysfunction Problem

8 Foods That Kill Erectile Dysfunction Problem

Erectile dysfunction is a major problem for men if it happens men can not get in the mood, not focusing, not active there are many factors that happen that erectile dysfunction like low libido, erect proper but not long time on the bed, loose erect many other problems possible. In many cases erectile dysfunction cure possible resolved by food because of bad eating habit and bad food can killing sexual activities in human bodies in men erectile problem faced and in women is facing hormonal problems which can bad for health.

Below is the list of foods which you can take into your diet daily one.

  1. Oysters
  2. Fish
  3. Apples
  4. Honey
  5. Pomegranates
  6. Watermelon
  7. Beef
  8. Almonds


Oysters are one kind of seafood that can available now easily in the market.  If you knew about the aphrodisiac properties of oysters.  Why experts to eat this because it has high zinc which can increase blood flow in humans and increasing sex drive as well.  And zinc is an especially important element for male fertilities also helps to boost testosterone levels.

Oysters: Nutrition, Risks, and How to Cook Them

If you do not like to take oysters on your diet food then there is another option where zinc is available in bulk compound to try out lobsters or crab both have a lot of zinc.


There are many fishes available but you can choose salmon or which has a fatty omega 3 acid available because of it can boost up immunity level as well as boost your blood flow in your body all these help by Omega-3. In the 2020 study omega 3 fatty acids minor reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce fats in the blood as well.  Also, Fish has a great source of protein,  vitamin b12, vitamin D, and iron.


Foods for erectile dysfunction: What to eat, and when to seek help

An apple a day keep the doctor away Apple has a quercetin compound which helps men body antioxidant as far as go apple quercetin will help you out treating erectile dysfunction, promoting circulation. Quercetin can lead to increase blood flow and reduce sexual problems in a men body and also repairing vessel damage impairs blood flow to the genitals that can help you to cure ED. There is another fruit also available which has a good amount of quercetin and give cure from a health problem like pineapple, strawberries, grapes, cherries.


Honey is using in many remedies in India as an Ayurveda medicine.  Honey has antioxidant elements that can increase immunities and increasing blood flow in the body also help out purify types of blood.  If some men and women can face low libido problems they can take daily one soup spoon of honey with warm milk it can help to maintain hormones and increase libido it also helps you to boost testosterone take honey with apples or any fruits which can double help you out.


One pomegranate juice or one entire fruit can help you out detox your bad blood cell from the body and increase metabolism include increase libido on men and women’s bodies. Erectile dysfunction happens one of the main reasons is the low libido problem. It can fresh up the mood even.  Many doctors consider pomegranate is a superfood that has many benefits. In recent research done by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh over on 21 to 64 age of group men and women who can drink pomegranate juice daily without fail, they can increase their testosterone level.


Many doctors and sexual experts said watermelon is a natural viagra that can take daily in their diet with direct as food or watermelon juice. Watermelon has a natural source of citrulline and it has an amino acid that may support better erections. Citrulline is worked like a viagra which can increase blood flow in the body. You can take watermelon as a juice with milk or direct which can more beneficial.


beef | Definition, Grades, & Facts | Britannica

Beef is a certain amount of protein including carnitine, L-arginine, zinc also increases blood flow to sexual performance to all age groups. But make sure too much-taking beef is not good for the body because it contains fats too so can increase cholesterol in the body in a week two times takes beef or bones beef soup for better blood flow in the body.  But if you are a vegetarian you can use dairy products and grains apart from this.


Nuts are compounds of zinc that help you to healthy fats and nutrients that produce sex hormones in men and women. There are one a recent study was done by a USA popular college on 83 healthy men which are 18 to 35 age for long 14 weeks, And There is half of the group taken food as on typical western-style diet food which has high fat, lots of processed foods without nuts like walnut, almonds, cashew, etc. Another side there are other groups taken with the same diet supplemented daily with a 60-gram mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds.

Participants replied about a questionnaire at the start and end of the study designed to assess their sexual function (including the strength of libido and quality of orgasm), and their peripheral blood levels of nitric oxide (NO) and E-selectin were measured. Both chemicals are reliable markers of “erectile endothelial function,” which affects the quality of blood flow resulting in an erection.

Conclusion:- Take daily fiber, protein, zinc in your diet for living stress-free life with this food you can never get ill. If you need quick result and want to enjoy more fantasy with your partner then take tadafilda based pills which are now available online tadaflo 20 mg which are increase blood flow and put you out from erectile dysfunction problem

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