John Anderson, American Sports Commentator

John Anderson, American Sports Commentator

John Anderson was born in Madison, Wisconsin and is the son of the late Herb Anderson. He was raised with his two sisters in a household that included his father and stepmother. He earned a degree at Wisconsin Technical Institute and worked for several years as an electrician. During this time he also became a weather reporter for WISC-TV.

John Anderson is a freelance sports writer for the ESPN Radio Network’s Sportscenter and a sportscaster for the ESPN Milwaukee radio network. He has been a sportscaster for three decades and has covered everything from golf to college basketball to high school sports. He has been a contributor to the book “The Undefeated” which was written by Michael Wilbon. Anderson also hosted a weekly radio show that was syndicated by ESPN Radio in the mornings.

John Anderson’s Family

John Anderson was born into a family that had a modest income and built his entrepreneurial skills around sports coverage for the local newspapers in Madison.

In his early years at the age of twenty he decided to leave the paper and pursue a journalism career in sports reporting at the University of California Berkeley.

When he graduated, he became one of only a few dozen students who received a first-place grade for a course entitled “Journalism 101: The Basics.” John Anderson has consistently received high marks for this class.

John Anderson has made a name for himself as one of the top experts on a number of sports and news topics. He covers several sports for the ESPN networks including college basketball, football, baseball and even hockey. His work as a sportscaster and reporter for the ESPN gives him access to more American sportswriters than most. He covers major events such as the NBA playoff series and the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta. He covered the U.S. Open tennis tournament covering not only the tournament but the advances of Serena Williams as well. In June, he was selected as an alternate delegate for President Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention.


John Anderson’s athletic background includes track and field, college basketball, ice skating, ice dancing, swimming, cheerleading and he is an avid competitor in sprinting, cycling, tennis, aerobics and weightlifting. In terms of his appearance he has a slightly overweight frame which is his fault since he is an avid fan of the Milwaukee Bucks. In the summer months when the team is in the heat of play he will often wear a shirt with the word Milwaukee stamped across it. A quick search on Google images should reveal this and people in the know that he favors wearing Bucks gear.

John Anderson has interviewed many athletes and sports anchors that may interest you as he covers the upcoming NBA season. As a sportscaster he has the unique vantage point of being able to speak with players and staff members while on location in an interview setting. You can often find him interviewing a team’s coach or player. He has also hosted numerous ESPN podcasts discussing various sports topics. His witty interviewing style and pleasant demeanor have made him a favorite host among sportscasters and sports fans.

Why John Anderson came in and out of the state of Wisconsin

John Anderson has covered the Green Bay Packers for the last six seasons as a sports anchor for the ESPN Wisconsin Sports Radio network. He has come in and out of the state of Wisconsin, covering various teams for the better part of those six seasons. As a sportscaster he has seen the Packers go through a few different coaches and general managers and has kept track of their moves and accomplishments over the years. He is well aware of what positions the team may be interested in during the off season and is prepared by his statistics of past teams to discuss whether or not the current coaching can lead the Packers to a victory during the regular season. He is confident that he has the skills necessary to bring the news of a possible loss to everyone via his ESPN Wisconsin Sports Radio voice and has even taken to twitter to inform friends of what he is hearing on his radio show during his shows.

John Anderson is definitely a very knowledgeable sports broadcaster and is certainly in a position to know what the future of the team may hold as they head into their bye week. He has already done the work and wrote the history pertaining to the Packers and how the team has progressed over the years. He is in position to offer analysis that will excite fans and provide insight that will make them sit up and take notice. It is safe to say that John Anderson espn. is on his way to becoming an American sports commentator that fans will enjoy listening to for years to come.

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