Don’t Buy a Die Cutting Machine Until You’ve Read This

Don’t Buy a Die Cutting Machine Until You’ve Read This

Are you in the market to buy a die cutting machine? These machines are extremely efficient in their ability to cut all sorts of weak materials, whether that be paper, fabric, etc. Die cuts are cuts that are made into whatever artistic style you want. They are a revolutionary tool for all types of crafters.

However, whether you’re a newly-interested sewer or an experienced one you should care about the level of quality, price, and logistics when it comes to purchasing these machines. This is why we have created this article to help inform you of what we believe will put you in the best situation to make the best choice.

Main Types of Cutting Machines

Manual cutting machines are used with an easy-to-crank lever that will trigger the machine to move your sewing materials through the machine’s rollers to apply pressure to it, and then have the specialized metals cut through it into the shape you want.

Different Types of Fabric Cutting Machine • The Carnegie Textile Co.

The digital cutting machines are the ones that are powered by electricity and are controlled by either software or cartridges. Unlike manual cutting machines, the digital ones do not need the steel dies as they already have a specialized blade inside it that will cut the material. You can via whatever software program you choose through your phone, computer, etc. choose what style you would want it to be cut like.

Consider Everything You Need

Firstly, when deciding on what you believe is the best fabric cutter machine you need to give yourself an idea of what exactly you are going to make, and which method you will want to take into making it.

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As stated before, there are mainly two types of cutting machines: Manual and Digital. It is up to you to decide how you would like to approach this project, what your skill level is, and how you would think it can help you.

Take Size Into Account 

How big will your project be? Will it be small, medium, or large? Can your machine adequately get the job done with this size put into account? Because of the varying types of machines and their sizes, you have to know the answer to these questions.

What Do You Need To Cut? 

What style are you going for? Are you looking to cut out stamped images or are you looking to quilt a wide array of uniquely designed pillows? These are the considerations you need to make to create the best product you can.

If you are looking to cut material like paper, then a manual machine should be fine. However, if you are looking to cut something that will be thick and heavy with multiple layers of whatever material, then you should invest in a heavy-duty machine.

Take Into Account Your Space

Before you buy a machine, you need to look at how much space you have. Do you have room for a big heavy-duty sewing machine with sizes that take up a large amount of your tablespace? Or, do you have a skinny one where you can fit just about everywhere?

These machines all come in a wide variety of sizes, and it is up to you to find out how much space it will take up.

Is it Worth it? 

You have to think about it as an investment. There will be a few costs as you head up from the basics to the pros. You will collect all your essentials at first, mastering how to use them. After though due to your updated abilities you will be able to purchase those trendy new dies from new collections.

Find Die Cut Comparison Charts Online

You need to understand the main distinctions between each machine. The die-cutting machines can serve all purposes, such as washing machines and bicycles, however, they vary in features and functions. Data about the most common die-cutting machines on the market can be found online through their charts.

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As you look through it, you should consider all you have ready and ask, “What will I do?”, “What are the materials I mostly want?”, and “Do I have room for this?”.

Read the Reviews

Lastly, you need to read the reviews for these machines. This may seem obvious, however, it is completely important to understand the pros and cons people will have with the machine. You do not want to be making a purchase and in the end not use it due to some deficiency. You will see these criticisms at the bottom of their product pages.


Buying a die-cutting machine is a major purchase that can save you so much time. It gives you more power, and unlimited opportunities to the wide variety of designs you could apply.

Please make sure before buying anything sewing-related you do your research! You don’t want to buy something and regret it when you get it.

Hopefully, by reading this article you have a better understanding of why this type of machine is so revolutionary and beneficial.

Happy Sewing!

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