9 Video Marketing Tools That You Can’t Miss

9 Video Marketing Tools That You Can’t Miss

Did you know that there are video marketing tools that basically cover all your needs? The planning phase, the creation of your storyboard, the script, the distribution, etc. Also, if you thought that video marketing is very expensive, you are wrong! Many totally free or very cheap video marketing tools will help you throughout your video creating process. What makes these tools fancy is that they make videos much more accessible. There are small companies or start-ups that do not have a high budget for advertising or marketing, and in a world in which 87% of the content is audiovisual, it is important not to be left behind. How do you carry your content strategy? In this article, I bring you 9 essential video marketing tools. Do not miss it!

9 video marketing tools

1. Free Idea Generator:  Portent

Portent - An Integrated Digital Marketing Agency in Seattle

Have you ever gotten stuck or stuck looking for ideas for your next video or article? Content Idea Generator generates, based on one or more keywords, possible titles for your content. It is random, so many times it will not make sense, but it is very good at getting ideas flowing. It is similar to brainstorming, only in this case, it is the web that quickly generates ideas that you can later use. Maybe you can connect several of the suggestions and come up with a great idea. Some of the titles will be absurd or funny, like the one I got looking for “video” in the image above (“How videos are part of a massive conspiracy on the right”). The important thing is inspiration. One small obstacle is that the website only exists in English. However, it is very easy to translate the web with a Google translator if English is not your thing. Thus, you can easily access this wonderful video marketing tool.

2. Planning and creating the storyboard: WonderUnit

One of the essential (or highly recommended) steps when making a video of any kind is to create a storyboard. This will not only allow you to have an overview of your video, but it will also serve as a draft and template so that the creation of the video is much easier. Storyboarder is one of the best video marketing tools if you need to create a storyboard but you are not an artist. In addition, it is totally free, open-source, and very easy to use. It is compatible with Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut, or Avid. Besides, it offers you templates of 3D characters in case drawing is not your thing. You can also upload your own images, and then you can easily share the project with your colleagues.

3. Write the script: Trelby

It is another free and open-source software! Trelby is writing software specifically created for screenwriting. It is very basic, but the truth is that it has everything you need to write your script in a professional way. Thus, you will save paying the hundreds of euros that Final Draft costs and you will skip the limit of free Celtx scripts. By the way, keep in mind that generally, one page of script equals one minute of video.

4. Free video creation: FlexClip

FlexClip video maker is perfect for beginners who have never made a video before.

It has animations and real videos predesigned and you just have to choose and order them. It’s very fast and, the best: free (although it also has payment plans). You can choose from a large number of fancy templates.

5. Creating animated videos: Moovly

With Moovly, creating animated videos online is easier than ever. You can do it from a template or scratch. All you have to do is drag the items to the screen. Also, it is online, so you do not need to download anything. The free version will allow you to create videos of up to 10 minutes in medium quality. One of the best video marketing tools.

6. Free video editing: Clipchamp

All your video needs in one place | Clipchamp

Clipchamp allows you to edit the video easily, free, and online. All you have to do is register. One of the best options if you don’t have access to paid editing programs like Adobe Premiere. In addition, it also has customizable video templates from which you can create your own.

7. Free royalty-free music: Audionautix

With this wonderful website, you can download music under a Creative Commons 3.0 License for free, as long as you include the source once you publish the video.

It has a large archive of music classified by genre, rhythm, and mood. It is perfect as a video marketing tool because music is an important component of your videos.

8. Choose a good title for your video: Headline Analyzer

With these video marketing tools, you can find the perfect title for your video. What it does is analyze your title and see how powerful it is. Thanks to their ratings, you will be able to modify words and achieve the best possible title for your video. It is based on whether the words are unusual, exciting, or powerful and gives recommendations for improvement. It is a good tool, but do not forget that the final decision is up to you. After all, it is still a machine, so it understands neither humor nor irony.

9. Create free video thumbnails: Canva

5 Best Canva Alternatives - Lumen5 Learning Center

Canva is said to be one of the best online image editing tools you’ll find. In its free version, you have a large number of easily editable templates and formats. As a video marketing tool, you can use it to create thumbnails for your videos. You can choose the size of the image, add your own elements, use those of the application, add text, and modify it as you want. In the paid version, you can also create gifs and add animations. However, the free version is more than complete.


What do you think of these 9 video marketing tools? Video marketing is one of the most successful strategies today, as the video has become more and more relevant as content. Knowing how to create quality audiovisual content can make a big difference in your business. What did you think of the article? Do you know any other tools? Let us know in the comments!

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