Why Do Most People Fail to Complete CA?

Why Do Most People Fail to Complete CA?

To become a chartered accountant (CA) is a dream of many students in India. The highly recognized CA certification offers the chance to get well-paid employment opportunities in areas such as accounting, taxation, auditing, and finance. But, the CA course is tough; the examination is very competitive and the course structure is very demanding too. Unfortunately, only a few of these aspiring CA’s achieve their dreams as many drop out before completing the course. In this article let us discuss why most students do not complete the CA course and the steps to follow for the desired ones.

Underestimating The CA Course Duration

Another factor that has led to the failure of many CA aspirants is a lack of understanding of the CA course duration.  The CA course is a rigorous and intensive one and may take a candidate up to four to five years to complete the course together with the articleship training period. As a result, many students come to the course with expectations that they can complete it in a shorter span. Nevertheless, these misconceptions are soon dispelled due to the large amount of material, the depth of concepts to be introduced, and thorough analysis based on the exam pattern.

Lack of Proper Time Management

Time management is important if one is to excel in their CA course. The curriculum spans virtually all the fields of specialization in the profession such as accounting, auditing, taxation, law, and finance. Managing such subjects together with revision, practice, and article duties may be a big challenge provided one lacks time management skills. Most CA students find it hard to balance school, work or business, and family; this leads to stress, delay, or even lack of time to continue with the course.

Challenges that come with the syllabi

The CA syllabus is however well known as one containing bulky and complicated classes. It encompasses numerous areas of study, thus demanding that the learners be well conversant with numerous concepts and their related uses. Since the subjects interlink in many ways, several CA aspirants have difficulties when it comes to distinguishing between major details and smaller details within different subjects. The major outcome of this inability to effectively handle the syllabuses offered in learning institutions is that learners end up having inadequate knowledge, perform dismally in tests and examinations, and consequently, fail to complete the course.

Lack of Guidance and Mentorship

It is however crucial to note that it can be very challenging and rather daunting when a learner opts to take the CA course alone. This implies that many CA aspirants are not well advised and or mentored which can be very helpful, especially in case of emergencies and or demotivation. Depending on this, the students can fail to work out efficient studying strategies, learn their inadequacies as well as exercise sufficient concentration and effort for the course completion.

Pressure and fear of failure are essential elements that influence various activities; these two aspects are linked to each other as they are both prevalent in numerous events, and they are also some of the most powerful driving forces that motivate people to work harder and achieve more.

The CA course is recognized due to the various layers of examination that students undergo, all the way up to the final exam. The pressure the fear of failing and the stress that the candidature for CA puts on a candidate is such that it has negative impacts on their health. Many learners end up getting intimidated by the prospect of failing an exam, thus they opt to delay their academic work, experience anxiety, and ultimately, are unable to continue with the course.

Financial Constraints

There is the problem of high cost in the pursuit of the CA course as many students from low-income families can attest to. The costs of Tuition fees, study materials, and cost of articles may sometimes prove to be very costly making it financially burdensome. Among the particular challenges, most CA aspirants are compelled to undertake part-time employment or over-commit their time, time which could otherwise be spent concentrated on the course work, resulting in their inability to successfully come through the course.

Lack of Passion and Motivation

Although students may foresee themselves getting well-paid jobs as CAs, some of them enroll for the course without passion for the subject or the line of work it entails. When extrinsic motivation is low, it would be rather tough to maintain a solid desire when pursuing the goals of the CA course and the determination to cope with difficulties. This implies that learners with no interest in the course they are undertaking might develop a tendency to procrastinate, non-performance, and eventually drop out.

Strategies to Overcome Challenges and Complete the CA Course

While the challenges associated with the CA course are formidable, they are not insurmountable. By implementing the following strategies, CA aspirants can increase their chances of success:

1. As much as it is important to have realistic goals

Make a schedule, that will include the CA course duration and also distribute the necessary time for each subject. Divide the syllabus into parts, and be realistic in terms of setting objectives. Monitor and modify your plan frequently so that you do not get off track.

2. Prioritize Time Management

Time as a resource needs to be well managed if one is to succeed in the CA course. Use calendars, timetables, and checklists as some of the few time management strategies after successful identification of the plans for the day. Dedicate specific time for study and make sure you abide by the time frame. On the issue of study habits, realize that multitasking is counterproductive and focus on accomplishing goals in a step-by-step manner.

3. This page is intended for asking questions

Try to get in touch with other CA learners, knowledgeable professionals, or even a good tutor who can help the learner when he is in a fix. Many a time students join group study attend coaching classes or even prefer personal tutoring for their bugs and barriers.

4. Foster a New Way of Thinking

It is preferred to have a positive attitude towards difficulties, or in other words, accept challenges positively. It helps to celebrate the small wins and to fail forward, knowing what went wrong. These virtues will come in handy as you work on the strategies because there will be challenges in the process.

5. Stay Healthy: Body and Mind

CA course could leave you mentally as well as physically exhausted. Take breaks at work to call or socialize with friends, exercise, and do other enjoyable activities to reduce work-related stress. If the situation is severe, and you cannot deal with anxiety, depression, or burnout, do not hesitate and turn to a specialist.

6. Technology and usage of online products

Exploit the available opportunities in technology and the interconnectivity of the internet to enrich your learning. Use e-learning platforms, instructional videos, other electronic books, and other additional materials to reinforce your learning of difficult ideas.

7. It is very important to remain motivated and passionate about every project

To pristine your mind, it is important to recall why you wanted to undergo the CA course in the first place. CA being a long-term course, you should have a group of like-minded aspirants who would encourage you during the lean phases.


It is a great achievement to complete the CA course as it demands lots of hard work, determination, time, and proper planning. Despite the challenges mentioned above such as underestimating the ca course duration, struggle with the syllabus, lack of guidance/mentorship, finance, and fear of failure top universities in Canada can easily address the above challenges.

Thus, by providing a realistic plan of academic learning, giving due consideration to time management, seeking help and advice, adopting the right attitude toward success, paying attention to physical and psychological health, utilizing technology and virtual resources, and perspective and passion, the CA aspirants could enhance their performance levels and can become Chartered Accountants.

How long does it typically take to complete the CA course?

The CA course duration mainly ranges from four to five years with consideration of the training of the article. However, the above-mentioned time may differ from one person to another, and the rate at which they accomplish each level of the course.

Can I attempt the CA course while in employment?

Yes, it is possible to attempt the CA course along with the Jobs, but this will prove to be very time-consuming and the candidate must have a sense of commitment and punctuality. It is worth noting that many students who pursue CA strive to undertake part-time or distance learning programs to enable them to undertake the program while they continue working.

What are the key subjects covered in the CA curriculum? 

The CA curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including accounting, auditing, taxation, law, finance, and management. These subjects are divided into different levels and examinations, with each level building upon the previous one.

Is it allowed to ask for directions or be mentored in the course of your CA classes?

Absolutely. Staking your bets on gaining professional help or a suitable tutor or a coaching class can go a long way in helping you sail through the CA course with ease. It is to be noted here that, many times, entry-level CA aspirants feel a lack of support and proper mentorship in dealing with the competitive examination which certainly hurts the probability of passing it.

What are the ways through which I can be able to meet the financial requirements in the course of CA?

To overcome this financial strain, certain approaches could be adopted as follows: scholarships, education loans, and it is also possible to look for jobs to meet the expense of the CA course. In addition, on the practical side, many of the CA firms provide articleship training which is paid although they do not pay as highly as some of the accounting firms.

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