Why Outsourcing Education Offshore is Becoming Popular

Why Outsourcing Education Offshore is Becoming Popular

The education industry in the next few years is expected to grow. With this, the opportunities are really great, showing no indicators of slowing down. However, while this global trend continues to evolve, many outsourcing educational institutions are well aware that they must constantly keep up with the changing landscape and brace themselves to meet more significant obstacles. And the most obvious approach to deal with this? Through collaborating with the right business process outsourcing company that can offer custom and up-to-date education-related solutions.

In this blog post, we will delve into the prominent reasons why outsourcing education offshore has become quite popular in the education sector. Keep on reading to discover why!

The rise of e-learning

Online learning has shown imperative growth over the last decade as education and the internet combine to render people the chance to gain new knowledge and skills. In fact, Research and Markets forecast the online education market expected to be worth $350 Billion by 2025. But since the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has now become more centric in people’s lives. The outbreak has forced schools, universities, and colleges to remote classes/work, and this elevated the usage of online learning. E-learning courses provide a thoughtful curriculum for both students and instructors who want to learn new competencies. To ensure courses are strategically and thoughtfully created, many institutions are outsourcing e-learning development to BPO service providers to deliver innovative learning solutions.

To unburden your SMEs

Your institution’s learning and development program would have a few SMEs (subject matter experts). If you follow some sort of traditional classroom instruction, they’re the ones developing and possibly even imparting training. In having to prepare and conduct training sessions, they’d have a lot on their plate. However, if you begin designing your e-learning courses in-house, you’ll definitely have to load your SMEs with more content and your changing requirements.

When you outsource e-learning courses, these obstacles fade. Your subject matter experts can rest easy as e-learning outsourcing reduces their involvement in the e-learning design and development process.

The demand for diversity

Many global educational institutions are finding it challenging to adjust to the bewildering speed at which business operates in today’s world. Short rollout cycles put massive pressure on staff to keep educational training materials up-to-date. It’s getting more and more to make sure your stakeholders and partners acquire what they need when they need it.

If you are a global institution or have global expansion and growth in your plans, your needs may vary greatly by region. Variations in dialect and region can lead to communication barriers, whereas cultural differences can make it hard to handle partners with diverse expectations and perspectives, and regional regulations can require crucial variations to your training initiatives.

As your institution continues to expand, you must ensure that you can scale your learning program effectively. Top education facilities will have worked with outsourcing companies that can help them develop agile, scalable assets that can be tailor-made to suit their learning requirements and operational needs.

Faster turnaround times

Time is of the essence. The faster you can generate interactive content without sacrificing quality; the more productive your workforce will be. There is no exception in the course production of education facilities. Many educational institutions choose to outsource as they know that remote instructional designers in BPO companies have experience in course development, and they’ll be able to produce what they need in a fraction of the time it would take an in-house team.

The need for expertise

Education outsourcing has already showcased reducing waste on expenses while delivering higher learner application rates which is why it is more practical and efficient. However, it takes expertise to carry out the content that drives these outcomes for your institution. While your in-house employees are undoubtedly talented, it is unlikely they have all the skills necessary to design, develop, and review the training programs your people need and deserve.

A BPO vendor has top-notch curriculum developers and instructional designers that are cognizant of the current trends in the learning industry. This enables them to curate engaging and dynamic training material that increases engagement and improves knowledge retention. They also have software developers and graphic designers at hand to ensure a first-rate user interface. And finally, they have a team of evaluation and reviewing programs to ensure the completed product delivers a top-quality experience to your staff.

When rolled into a package, these areas of expertise boost the efficiency and quality of your training exponentially while minimising the time spent by your internal staff worrying about jobs they were not hired to do.

Access to newer technologies

Not only does an educational institution get access to experts when it opts for external resources, but it also gets access to newer technologies that are perfect for your learning requirements and programs, especially with the emergence of e-learning. These technological advancements come with minimal downtime as well as boosted productivity and quality. Outsourcing helps industries gain advanced capabilities and infrastructure. Dedicated remote teams with experience in education-related functions work to provide enhanced operational efficiencies.

A fully managed service

Learning programs can cause countless headaches that add up to big problems and a lot of wasted time. As such, external providers can bundle these inconveniences into a package and take them off your plate. They have the expertise and resources to deliver educational material effectively and efficiently to staff and students.

Many BPO companies will offer a fully managed service as they will take all the pain out of training for you. They develop on-trend and quality learning assets, handle them through a hosted LMS, and deliver training to your partners wherever they are, no matter what they need. This means everyone can go back to working on what they do best. Learning is more practical, staff are happier, and key stakeholders and students get what they need.


Technology is seeping into every aspect of people’s lives. This is true, especially in the education sector, as virtual or online learning continues to become more prevalent than ever, which is actually one of the top reasons why outsourcing education has become quite popular along with its trends. But of course, there is also a mixed bag of many reasons that add up to it, just what we have outlined for today’s blog. Thank you for reading!


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