Top 5 Universities In Canada

You might have seen multiple people going to different parts of Canada to pursue their higher studies. If you look at the universitiesuniversi ‘ ranking, you will find more than seven universities under the top 200 lists. Canada offers multiple opportunities and some of the best education to students who like to study internationally. If you compare the tuition fees of the US to Canada, you will find it much cheaper, whereas the application processes are also comparatively easier; in addition, you will get multiple different opportunities even after your graduation and masters. Canada’s universities often encourage international collaborations by recruiting international staff and students, and students often see it as an opportunity for high academic growth. In the meantime, the cultural exchange is exciting for students as they get a chance to meet students all around the globe.

Finding the best university that can give you the right mentor/teacher and can shape your future is a big deal. Suppose you are a student who is looking for some good universities in Canada for your higher education but finding the best one among all the present; you need to also prepare yourself for all the academic classes, theories writing and assignment. That is why students often seek online assignment help which is necessary being in a new city/country. Under this article, we are listing the top five universities in Canada. So read the further sections to find out more about them.

University of Toronto

Talking about the University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Canada, which is located near Queen’s Park. It was founded by the royal charter in 1872 and named “Kings’ College”. It was the first institution where higher learning for Upper Canada was an option. Later in 1850, its name changed to the University of Toronto; initially, it was managed by the Church of England, which is why it was a secular institution back in the days. You will find 700 different undergraduates and 200 graduate programs; there are eleven colleges with different courses.

The main campus is the St. George campus of the tri-system university, and all other campuses are the satellite campus which is located in Scarborough and Mississauga. The University of Toronto ranked among the top ten public universities worldwide. It also belongs to one of the two members of American university associations outside the United States.

The University of Toronto is among the highly reputed universities around the globe. Studying here is a dream for many students. Think of the life inside the campus that you will have as a student and also the life after your degree when you lookout for an actual job. You will meet different students around the globe as more than 25 per cent of the students are international. Also, medical students should know that it is one of the best universities for medicines.


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University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia campus is near Kelowna and Vancouver, a public research university.  Taking about the ranking, British Columbia University is ranked as one of the top three universities in Canada. The university has a high research budget of 759 million dollars annually; also, the university gets more than 8000 projects annually. UBC is where big nuclear physics practices under Cabada’s national laboratory occur.

More than 33 per cent of students from other international countries come to study at the University of British Columbia. The university has two campuses one is in Vancouver and another in Okanagan. The university offers multiple degrees in science, arts, music, law, medicine, nursing, and multiple others. If you are dreaming of getting inside UBC but are concerned about all the tuition expenses, do not worry because the university also provides numerous scholarships for foreign students.

McGill University

McGill University was established in 1821, and students from more than 150 countries came to this university to study at McGill University. There are multiple campuses of the university, but the main campus of McGill University is in the downtown Montreal of, Mount Royal base. Also, McGill University is a highly ranked university for clinical subjects; they offer more than 300 different degrees in different subjects. McGill  University has more than 31,000 students who are studying at this university as under or postgraduate students. It has a wide variety of services for students who either have disabilities or are academically challenged. There are many students who pass out from McGill University and are in higher positions.

McMaster University

McMaster University is located in the Hamilton part of Ontario. He also is a banker who donated more than 900,000 dollars and built this giant educational institution. You will find numerous faculties of social sciences, humanities, engineering, business, science, etc., at McMaster University. Also, you will find different research works related to the need of society and mainly in the field of health and science. Students from 90 countries and more around the globe study here, and you will also find the faculty of the region. McMaster university holds more than 70 international exchange agreements with multiple institutions around the globe. The education faculty and studies are the ones who made this university rank under the top 50 the top universities around the world.

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University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is a Frech language public research university; the university’s main campus is near the outermost Summit. The university consists of more than thirteen facilities and more than sixty departments. Students will find more than 650 undergraduate and graduate programmers, which also includes 71 doctoral programs; sounds fascinating right? The University of Montreal was a satellite campus of the University of Laval in 1878, but later it became an independent institution around 1919.

The main teaching language is French here, and you will find a quarter half of the college filled with international students. The University of Montreal is the second-largest, most populated university, with more than 36,000 students enrolled. If you have any problems inside the university, then you can also go to the students union; they are affiliated with sororities and fraternities. Further, the university also provides full-time housing for undergraduates and postgraduate students.

The Final Thoughts:

Do not blind flooded trust your relatives, friends or cousins if they or their children are studying in an institute where they might be comfortable.  In case you are looking for some of the best universities in Canada, then in the above article, we have listed the top five for you.

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