8 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Choose Vpn. ac

“We provide a VPN service, but that is not what makes us a security company. Rather, what makes us a security company is much more than that, it is the fact that we carry out pen-testing, do security audits, and consulting, and the fact that we’ve been into the information security industry for over 15 years VPN.ac.”

VPN.ac is a service that was completely evolved in-house and sent off toward the end of 2012 after many months of improvement and thorough testing. At that point, because of their broad experience of working in IT security and Linux administration, as well as being known about VPN advances since the year 2000, they had gained impressive involvement in VPN conventions and executions for both individual and corporate use.

This article discusses the eight incredible reasons why clients should use VPN.ac over other companies.  Keep on reading and discover the reasons why.

This article talks about the eight amazing reasons why clients ought to utilize VPN.ac over other companies. Continue reading and find the reasons behind why.

Here we go.   

  1. They are continuously striving for progress.     

VPN.ac is continuously adding new highlights and expanding capacities.  This is to be sure that they would not give their clients anything less.  They are unhappy to leave it at that, nonetheless, and as well as continually zeroing in on speeding up, security and dependability.  Their commitment is focusing on giving better services to their clients.

“I’ve used VPN.ac for my month-long tour of China. VPN.ac worked brilliantly on my laptop and phone. I’ve used both L2TP and 256-bit OpenVPN. The speed was excellent, a lot of servers to choose from and the service was great!” – A., USA.

  1. They have phenomenal business philosophy.     

This is important for their general business philosophy. They take a gander at what they would expect, and frankly, this degree of service is the least that they would request from a protection and security service.

“VPN.ac is a very reliable service, with helpful and friendly support. They do not oversell bandwidth, and you can expect to max out your DSL connection anytime, even during peak hours. They are also very serious when it comes to security & encryption. A very good choice if you want a better-quality alternative to major players” – D., France.

  1. They have secured connections.               

The service is worked by security experts. It is a self-facilitated, encoded DNS execution; and they don’t depend on outsiders. The state-of-the-art VPN encryption ultimately depends on AES-GCM 256-cycle encryption with Elliptic Curve or potentially 4096-piece RSA verification, PFS; WireGuard support.

“I would like to thank everyone at VPN.ac for the great service. I have tried most of the VPN services, and none of them can beat the security, stability, and speed that you provide. Keep up the great work” – A., United States.

  1. VPN.ac have consistently conveyed quality customer service.   

Quality client care is their superseding need, and they would like to have fewer steadfast clients who are exceptionally content with them. The weighty showcasing approach, with heaps of contrivances yet very little substance, is unquestionably not really for them. Toward the day’s end, it is you, the cheerful client, who will assemble their business for them.

“I messed up some things all by myself and had to contact the VPN. AC-Support more than once. And they just solved my problem in no time – every time. They are super friendly and they know exactly what they’re dealing with. Experts, so to say. Oh… and when I don’t have any issues? I just use the VPN at mostly full speed, not recognizing it’s there. Just perfect. Everything” – S., Germany.          

  1. VPN.ac offer reasonable service to the clients.      

VPN.ac offer superb support at a reasonable cost. They value fulfilled clients, not “more” clients. Don’t oversell transmission capacity.  

“I tried a couple of other VPN services before discovering VPN.ac and was disappointed. VPN.AC was a breath of fresh air. Not only was the pricing fantastic, but the customer support stood out from the rest. VPN.AC’s support staff is extremely quick to respond – I’ve never had to wait more than a couple of hours for a well-thought-out (and detailed) answer. Their live chat is wonderful, and they’ve even remoted into my system to help configure settings. The connection speeds are great and very stable. I’m very satisfied” – J., USA.                                                 

  1. They have exceptionally quick and reliable services.                              

All VPN hubs are associated with gigabit ports. The majority of their VPN servers are associated with 1000 Mb/s (gigabit) channels, with many speed and unwavering quality tests being done before their deployment in our infrastructure. There is no restriction on transfer speeds.

The transfer speed limit is expanded routinely. No transmission capacity speed choke is set on VPN Nodes per connection/client premise and they are sure that you will match your ISP speed. They don’t oversell data transfer capacity, nor take part in volume-selling, and more VPN servers are consistently added to guarantee against abuse of their areas; at some random time, accessible transfer speed extraordinarily surpasses their clients’ requirements – as a rule no less than 10-fold. The observing of servers’ well-being guarantees dependability.  

“VPN.ac is a very reliable service, with helpful and friendly support. They do not oversell bandwidth, and you can expect to max out your DSL connection anytime, even during peak hours. They are also very serious when it comes to security & encryption. A very good choice if you want a better-quality alternative to major players” -D., France.

  1. Their services are upheld by a talented group.                              

Their core staff individuals have more than 20 years of involvement with security and systems service. There is no externalized help or ticket heightening, and no predefined reorder replies to your inquiries. In this way, it suggests that no help acceleration stands by time: here you talk straightforwardly to the system’s specialists. What’s more, they give coordinated security and protection guidance to their clients. You can talk straightforwardly to the people who executed the whole VPN system, and who have the necessary specialized abilities to help you with any issue.                                                

“I’ve been using VPN.ac for almost a year. As a computer scientist, I know a lot about IT Security & Privacy, and VPN.ac provides me with excellent security and privacy. I’ve tested many aspects of their services and the only thing I have to say is that those guys know their stuff. It seems that security is a priority for them. I hope that they will provide their services for many many years” – A., Unknown country.

  1. Their services are essentially working.                                        

They have simple to utilize VPN applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android viable with all modern releases, working with all VPN conventions that they give (principally OpenVPN, IPsec (IKEv2, L2TP), and unadulterated TLS with their program addon). Subsequently, this infers that they are immediate and simple-to-follow VPN connection tutorials for outsider VPN applications. They are tried with all cutting-edge Operating Systems and gadgets. The bit by bit directs are provided for connection utilizing all upheld gadgets utilizing OS worked in or outsider programming, including screen captures and recordings. 

“I never had any problems in over a year since I signed up with VPN.ac. Speed has been great, almost maxing out my line speed of 70 Mbps, tech support has been always fantastic and prompt even during weekends” – S., Germany.

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In conclusion, if you’re searching for a VPN service that is reasonable, extremely quick, and dependable, VPN.ac is ideal for you. As a web-based protection and security service, VPN.ac is corresponding to the secure storage gadgets that they supply.                   

“I have tried a half dozen VPN providers, and VPN.ac delivers – and at a price that can’t be beaten. The speeds are fast, the connection is stable, and the protocol/encryption choices are inclusive of everything one could want. What really sets them apart, however, is their customer service. I have never experienced such dedicated, personal, and knowledgeable customer service with any company I have done business with before. VPN.ac truly goes the extra mile, and I can recommend them to anyone without hesitation” –M., USA.             


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