Top 5 Logo Design Trends In 2021

The world is changing so as to are trends. New trends are being introduced in the global market and most of the companies opt for simple and easy trends. These trends help them to grow their business. Though it can be difficult to follow all these trends, technology makes it so easy.

If you are talking about business growth, then logos are the major aspect of the branding. It helps them to get recognition. The logo design trend in 2021 is more like a simple and modernized form.

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However, you can hire any professional from different agencies that offer logo designing services. They can make your logo the way you want it to be. Many logo designers in NY are available on google search and you can hire an individual expert as well. Just tell them what you are looking for in your company. Here are the top 5 trends in 2021 which are going to help you in choosing the right logo.

Simplistic geometry

In the new era of technology, minimalism, and simplicity is preferred by companies. Simplicity helps them to communicate with the audience and build good customer relations. Clean and organized patterns are eye-catching than any other designs. You can use different squiggles, geometrical shapes, and lines in your logo.

There are many ways to create a simple design. You can write simple words or your brand name in different shapes and styles. However, simple doesn’t mean that it is easy to create a logo. The creativity behind the eye-catching logos takes a lot of time.

Divergent letters

These types of logos are based on a typeface, tricky serifs, fancy doodles, and handwritten words. The divergent logos are known to be straightforward so you don’t have much room to show your creativity. The brand or company name can be used in different styles or unusual fonts.

It is one of the traditional type-based logos that not only create audience interest but also disrupts all the new rules of being innovative.

Authentic portraiture

Portraiture is like engraving a person by drawing or some other techniques. You can use this technique in business logos. The portraits create an emotional connection in design but the point is it should be authentic and identifiable.

Authentic portraiture creates strong customer connections which is why this is one of the top trending logo designs. Businesses use it to get the attention of the target audiences. However, the picture should be detailed illustrated with simple techniques to make a prominent logo pattern.

Symmetrical Designs

The company uses symmetry patterns to draw attention to the logo. These types of logos are balanced and identical from each side. Most trade and engineering companies use it because it is more structured and balanced than any other design.

Different kinds of symmetrical designs are mentioned below;

Reflection symmetry logos

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This type of symmetry design gives a mirror reflection effect to a logo. Your design should be equal from each side when split in the middle or you can say it should be the mirror image of the other side. Many businesses like MacDonald’s have a reflection symmetry logo design.

Rotational symmetry Logos

In this type, the logo should maintain its symmetry when rotated at different angles. Whether it is 180 or 360-degree, the logo must maintain symmetry. Mostly circle or hexagonal shapes are used to make rotational symmetry logos.

Translational symmetry logos

The same elements are repeatedly used in this type of logo means the symmetry of design is not affected when you move one element to another. Different patterns and shapes are used to make this type of design.

Modernized symbolism

In 2021, most designers used to create simple and recognizable symbols to get the attention of the customer. Modern symbols give your logo an iconic and unique look. The main thing that you need to check is the readability. Is it easy to understand your app or not?

It can be a collection of modern and trending designs to make a brand logo that gets recognition. From animals to any character, you can use any symbol you want. This is the best way to catch the audience.

In the end, make your logo as simple as you can with these trends. Simplicity is the most preferred in the current time.

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