Give a Modern Look to Your Logo

Give a Modern Look to Your Logo

Would you like to freshen up your logo without changing your entire visual identity? It is quite possible and even recommended!

Your logo will live on and it is very important to give it a more modern look every 2, 3 years. When we speak of modernity today, it is to symbolise clean lines, simple lettering, colors and precise elements. When looking at your logo and before transforming it, remember these tips.

1. First step in your logo makeover: Minimisation. Take a fresh look at its image and look for unnecessary elements that you might want to remove. The more you simplify your logo, the more legibility it will be. Also keep in mind that its place is always in context, on a banner, a website, an advertising poster, a commercial brochure, a leaflet. Too much complexity in its form hinders its good integration into complex graphic universes.

• You can’t have missed the stunning color gradients that spill over into ads and site banners. This is also the case for logos. Gradients remain a big trend in 2020 and could be just the fresh shot you needed for your logo. Thanks to bright and bold colors, create an immediate graphic effect.

• More and more brands are taking off the brand icon from the name and creating two very distinct elements. Unlocking these elements will be very useful for responsive design versions that display the logo in miniature version or even the favicon. Your icon must therefore be self-supporting of your brand to be visually recognized in an intuitive way.

• Transform a representative image of your brand into a minimalist line drawing. This children books illustrator method allows you to create a soft and uncluttered universe for your logo while maintaining your visual identity.

• Make your logo adaptable because you can no longer think of a single logo. It is now necessary to anticipate its reduced format and even now its animation. Make at least 3 variations and create your new logo version with this scalable dimension. In motion design for example, you will need to animate your logo at the end of the video to make a product launch video.

• Vintage takes work. To recreate a vintage logo, use the line design but remember to add complex details such as the date of creation, the provenance (made in), pictograms, details in addition to the name … In this type of logo, the words background office outline, you may need to add terms to give your logo more substance.

• Change the color. One of the elements of your logo that changes and ages quickly is color. To give your logo a modern look, start by changing and varying its color tones. Pick the Pantones of the moment and use bright, sparkling colors.

• A circle or a square? One of the tips for your logo is also to make it fit in a circle or a square. This principle is valid today with the advent of profile pictures of social networks in round format. So try to rearrange or resize your logo with these new proportions in mind.

• Change the font. This is the other way to give your logo a facelift. By choosing a writing in the air of the time, you will give a dash of modernity to your logo and thus to your visual communication as a whole.


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