Who Is Trinidad Valentin-A Powerful Woman

Who Is Trinidad Valentin-A Powerful Woman

Trinidad Valentin is a powerful woman who has learned to live a free and independent life. She was once a shy teenager, but she has worked hard to accomplish her dreams. Today, she is making a positive impact on the world. Her husband and daughter are supportive of her success. This article provides some information on Trinidad Valentin. Also, learn more about her family. Here are some interesting facts about Trinidad Valentin. We wish her the best of luck!

Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper

American rapper Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper was born in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of rappers Valentin Harper and Saweetie. His debut single, “Icy Girl,” was released in 2018. He is currently signed to artist management company Artistry Worldwide, a subsidiary of Warner Records. He has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. As of February 2019, Harper has been signed to Artistry Worldwide by Warner Records.

Saweetie is a Bay Area rap artist. He is 27 years old and has worked with several Big Labels. His net worth is estimated to be $60 to $65 million by 2021. He has received numerous awards and recognitions. The following is a list of his most notable accomplishments. The first is the release of “Icy Girl,” which was his breakthrough single. The second was “Baby Boy,” a collaboration with the rapper XXX.

“Icy Girl” was Saweetie’s debut single, and his popularity grew from there. Saweetie later signed with Warner Bros. Records and Max Gousse’s Artistry Worldwide label. The rapper is now signed to several major record labels and has an enormous following on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are also plans to release an album by Saweetie.

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Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valentin is an American music model and celebrity. She is best known as the mother of globally recognized American hip-hop singer Saweetie. Despite her young age, Trinidad Valentin had a strong desire to become an artist. Her mother encouraged her daughter to pursue music as her career. In addition to her career, Trinidad is a mother to Saweetie, who is also her son. But how did Trinidad manage to achieve all of these?

In an episode of “The Icy Life” that aired in 2020, Trinidad Valentin revealed that she had a professional career as a web model during her teenage years. During her twenties, she appeared in music videos primarily starring hip-hop artists. Although she became a model and actress, she earned a fortune through brand endorsements and appearances at events. Her daughter discovered her mother during the film’s filming.

Trinidad Valentin’s parents were of Filipino and Chinese descent. She has six siblings. Her father was a professional football player and her mother was a model. She married Johnny Harper at the age of seventeen. They have three children: Saweetie and Milan. Trinidad is a Filipina-Chinese who grew up in the United States. Trinidad was born on July 2, 1976. She has a height of five feet seven inches and weighs about 56 kilograms.

Trinidad Valentin’s income and resources are unknown as her husband is a former football player at San Jose State University. Her daughter Saweetie Harper is a talented singer who has gained immense fame in the music industry. Trinidad Valentin’s net worth is unknown but is largely attributed to her daughter’s earnings. If she’s a mother, her income will probably be related to the earnings of her daughter and her partner.


In a recent episode of the popular talk show The Icy Life, Trinidad Valentin revealed some of her most notable facts. In her youth, she worked as a web model and appeared in numerous music videos, mostly hip-hop songs. After graduation, she earned her wealth by collaborating with various brands and attending events. She has also been credited with earning nearly $1 million. Now, Trinidad is a popular name for her hard work and dedication to her craft.

The daughter of Trinidad and a former model, Saweetie is a talented young woman. She is a mother to Saweetie, a hip-hop rap artist. She has also acted in several music videos, including those of popular singers. Despite her fame, Trinidad has managed to beat the odds and succeed in life. Her success can be attributed to a music video she did with DMX and L.L. Cool J. She has a Wikipedia article on her background, but she has yet to make a full-time career out of her music.

Trinidad Valentin is a Filipino-Chinese woman who will be 45 years old in 2021. Her mother, Trinidad Valentin, is a music video model. She has a love for videos and enjoys the spotlight. She also modeled for hip-hop music recordings during the mid-2000s. In one scene in The Icy Life, she said that her mother loves cameras and videos.

In addition to her daughter’s success, Trinidad is also the mother of popular singer Saweetie. She gained wider attention after appearing in the YouTube series. She often commented on Saweetie’s style. Trinidad, meanwhile, looks remarkably like her famous daughter. The two are similar in looks and confidence. The mother of this hip-hop artist also presents Saweetie with an award at the 2022 Billboard Women In Music event.


The resources of Trinidad Valentine are a secret, although she has a daughter, Saweetie Harper. Trinidad is also the mother of National product Saweetie Harper. Trinidad’s net worth is unknown, but her income is dependent on the earnings of her daughter, Saweetie, and her partner, Johnny Harper. As of 2017, Trinidad has not revealed how much she earns. If we consider Trinidad’s earning potential, we’ll have a good idea of how much she has to offer.

As a child, Trinidad James showed interest in modeling and began to give auditions for modeling shoots. She later featured in a music video for rap artist Nelly’s track, “Ride With Me.” Her modeling career soon exploded after that. Since then, Trinidad has graced the covers of several magazines, appeared on the cover of Vogue, and even appeared at various events. With her daughter, Trinidad has achieved international recognition.

Trinidad Valentin was born in the Central Valley of California. Her parents are unknown but she has six siblings. She married Johnny Harper when she was seventeen. At the age of seventeen, Trinidad Valentin gave birth to her first daughter, Saweetie, and has two more daughters, Milan and Maya. She grew up in America and is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 56 kg. Her net worth is unknown, but she has a solid career.

Trinidad Valentin is a strong and independent woman who has overcome her shyness and struggled to realize her dreams. During her teen years, she worked as a web model and appeared in various music videos, most notably hip-hop songs. Her wealth was earned through brand endorsements and attending events. So far, she has a strong following on Instagram. You can follow her and hear her music on the go. Even though Trinidad Valentin is still relatively unknown to the general public, her social media presence is making an impact on the world.

Net worth

Trinidad Valentin is a celebrity and model with an estimated net worth of $10 million. She is the mother of Sweetie, a multi-talented rapper. Trinidad has been featured in several music videos and has appeared in various magazines and news. Trinidad was born in the Central Valley of California. Her parents are Filipino and Chinese and have had seven children together. Her father, Willie Harper, is a retired linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. She has six siblings and her husband is a businessman.

Trinidad was born in 1976 and will be 45 years old in 2021. She has six siblings and was married at the age of 17 and gave birth to her first child, Saweetie, at a young age. She has two more daughters, Milan and Maya. Trinidad is of Chinese and Filipino descent and currently resides in the United States with her family. Trinidad Valentine’s net worth has risen significantly due to her success in the entertainment industry.

The majority of Trinidad’s net worth comes from her music and modeling career. She is best known for her involvement in music videos and is also the mother of Saweetie, a famous American rapper. However, she has managed to balance her time between her music and her other endeavors, and her daughter is already famous in her own right. If you’re curious about Trinidad Valentine’s net worth, take a look at her bio and see what she has accomplished.

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