Viability of Pre-Matrimonial Investigation in Arranged Marriage Cases

Viability of Pre-Matrimonial Investigation in Arranged Marriage Cases

In the matters of marriage people don’t mind lying a bit here and a bit there. While most boys would lie about their job, salary, & qualification, many girls may not hesitate to add something more to their skills and education. So much so, even families are not behind and they can easily join the party as and where “it feels convenient to them.”

In fact, many parents thus don’t mind inflating the salary of their son/daughter to some extent or lie somewhat about the job profile, purely to create a good impression on the other side. And yes, you should not expect them to divulge the secret details of their sons or daughters, be it related to medical history, drinking habits, or relationships.

Even if a marriage is arranged where both families know each other well, there may still be something that can slip under the crack and go unnoticed. This very ‘something’ can rear its ugly head in the future and create problems that were not anticipated before.

So, as a parent, you would never be convinced unless you know exactly what the groom’s (or bride) job profile looks like in a true sense, or, is the potential suitor is medically fit, or whether he/she is into bad habits or some relationships and so on. It’s true that marriage is a leap of faith but you never like being cheated when you could easily have avoided getting into a mess.

This is where the utility or viability of pre-matrimonial investigation comes to mind and it can make sure that nothing stays under the radar and any information worth knowing is known whether about the groom or bride. If you truly care about the future of your son or daughter, you would definitely trust matrimonial investigation and hire top sleuths of India in spite of going for an arranged marriage.

Here are some of the reasons that show why arranged marriages to need investigation beforehand –

Job, Profile, Salary Investigation

In this age of social media, everyone has the habit of faking things a bit or lying a bit about things related to them. The same habit percolates into the matters of marriage as there is more at stake and some bigger prizes to catch. A lot of boys thus find it cool to hide key details about their job or salary or profile or they often lie about the same to the other party. This habit of boys is something that girl’s families understand but they are mostly helpless as a direct confrontation is always awkward.

Medical Health/History Investigation  

Unless the boy or girl is physically challenged, it’s always tough to know about their medical health in the true sense. You never know whether the potential suitor is medically fit for your son or daughter as you know the family and thus you don’t doubt anything else. Well, you should definitely doubt as it involves the future of your child and you would never want to marry them off to someone who is not fit or healthy. Since you can never ask such health-related questions to the family side directly, there will always be a lingering doubt in your mind about the same.

Relationship/Habits Investigation

Although everyone has a past and a marriage is a fresh start, this should never stop a parent from seeking evidence on the potential suitor’s relationship records or habits. In arranged marriage cases, both boys are girls are cultured enough to respect the traditions and family values but this does not mean they may forget their relationships immediately. Similarly, what if the boy or girl takes drugs or drinks heavily or something similar?

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Financial Detail Investigation

It’s human nature to feel good in the eyes of others and this is probably also the reason why a lot of lies over the matters of money fly thick and fast in the marriage market. Since there is no fear about any looming pre-marriage investigation, anyone, particularly from the boys’ side, can take the liberty and tell lies about the finances. Whether it’s the salary or monthly expenses, investment in movable properties to money in immovable assets, lies will always be there and it’s just a matter of their gravity. That’s why some caution and precaution is essential even when the marriage is arranged type.

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