Could UV Light Slow The Spread of Flu

Could UV Light Slow The Spread of Flu

The dilemma we naturally face daily is the lack of fresh air and airborne diseases. The homes that we think are secure enough to keep us safe from most viral infections. In actual is a perfect breeding ground for many airborne allergens in actual plays. Believe it or not, our heating and cooling systems serve their part in spreading allergens from the simple flu to extraordinary viruses.

Recent study statistics revealed that most US population lives among extra sensitive and catch allergens even after staying at home. And the cause came out to be not so surprisingly our HVAC system, which isn’t maintained over a while.

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The same goes for the people of Alpharetta, Georgia. As the flu season starts, the spread becomes lethal, infecting 75% of the population. Besides influenza, rhinovirus and the deadly coronavirus are significant concerns of the state right now. Their reach has caused panic and chaos among Georgia residents.

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Many opt for ways that the state government and the ministry of health and safety permit treating viruses. One product that has increased in sales after the hype is its immense effect on the spread of flu, ultraviolet light in your HVAC system.


Ultraviolet rays were discovered long ago, and they have been known to kill bacteria in an instant. UV-C (ultraviolet-c) is the kind of light installed in your HVAC system to get the hazardous airborne particles at bay.

Typically installed in your ductwork near your filters can kill and eradicate most viruses and bacteria. Therefore the air that is circulating in your home is of utmost purity. The latest innovations and redefined designs are also installed in your furnace to eliminate fungal growth, especially in Alpharetta’s moisture season.

Keeping in mind the peak of coronavirus this year, having a UV-C lighting device installed in your heating and cooling system significantly when the sickness rate has risen in Georgia; can lower the spreading of germs in a particular area.

Even if they are changed often, filters cannot fully eradicate the spread of a particular virus. The air that flows in from the same ductwork may carry the allergens from one room where the patient might be in quarantine to all other parts of your home, infecting all. Hence it has become essential to install UV lights in your ductwork to avoid the spread, ensuring quick recovery and no fatal stretch.

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Isn’t this a significant advantage to the people of Georgia? UV light service in Alpharetta has grown over time. The awareness spread through medical service providers and hospitals has led people to opt for this above all other precautionary measures to control the flu spread.


Uv light service in Alpharetta isn’t that difficult to access. Nowadays, service providers are fully vigilant and offer easy installing of UV light in your heating and cooling system with all perks explained. But certainly, one needs to get a hold of how the flu spreads and how UV light affects killing the germs.

A typical HVAC system available in Georgia works on the fundamental structure of having a furnace inside and an air conditioning unit outside. When the system is on, the moisture gets blows out from your home through your ductwork. Moisture being the by-product plays a vital role in allowing fungus, viruses, and mold to grow and spread.

When a UV light is installed in your furnace, it eliminates the possibility of even microbial growth in the first place. The light rays are strong enough to kill microbes’ DNA on that particular surface, so they cannot reproduce and spread.

Hence, it is highly recommended that, especially in Alpharetta, where the sickness rate is high, it must install UV-C light to eliminate viruses and unpleasant odors.


Apart from many UV light service uses in Alpharetta, there are many other additional methods to opt for apart from installing a UV light service. :

  • Suppose you have someone suffering from coronavirus. And if home quarantined these days, seal your ductwork to prevent any recirculation of air and its spread.
  • Examine and cover any area that has a hole from where unwanted air is entering to avoid any contaminated air to flow in
  • Frequently check your filters and change them; in the case of reusable filters, make sure they are thoroughly disinfected before placing them back.
  • Sanitize your HVAC system and also get it disinfected every month until everyone has zero symptoms of the virus/ flu

It is essential to get your home/apartment or building sanitize and disinfected now and then so that any particle of the virus can be tackled. People are safe from getting infected if the surface is alive.

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