Top Ten Gifts For Software Engineers

Top Ten Gifts For Software Engineers

Software engineers are a special breed of people and when we have one in our lives, it can be difficult to choose the perfect gift for them. Whether it be their birthday, a gift-giving holiday, an anniversary, or a just-because-I-love-you kind of present, the idea of getting the perfect gift is a daunting one. Lucky for you, here is a curated list of Top Ten Gifts For Software Engineers that will ensure you can get a show-stopping present for the special software engineer in your life!

These lenses may not seem like much, but they are incredibly important to the visual health of anyone who spends extended periods of time in front of a screen. These lenses block the damaging blue lights that are emitted by computers, phones, televisions, and anything else that has a watchable screen. These lenses can help your software engineer look stylish while also saving their vision. It is a small gift that will potentially save them thousands of dollars in Lasik eye surgery in the future! They also are easy to customize, so you can choose a pair that will fit the style of your loved one perfectly!

  • Mobile design notebook

These notebooks are amazing little pieces of technology that your software engineer will love. Depending on the brand and type, these little guys are incredibly helpful. The essential idea behind them is that the user will write or sketch something on the pages and then when finished, the notes will be saved to the computer, and the pages can be cleaned and reused. This is a perfect gift for the creative and eco-conscious person out there. It not only is a fun little gadget, but it also reduces paper waste and consolidates all of the user’s notes into one place.

  • A subscription to an online skill website

There are countless websites out there that provide the users an option to learn more about niche topics. These can be general websites like SkillShare, or more specific ones for software engineers like Pluralsight. These are incredibly helpful to new software engineers, or ones who are trying to extend their range of expertise. It isn’t wrappable, really, but it is a gift that will be so important to their careers. They will appreciate all of the help you provided them later on. What’s a better gift than education?

  • Video conferencing lighting

This is a surefire success for anyone who works on a computer for extended periods of time. Especially during the pandemic, we have all readjusted our lives to better suit working from home. Unfortunately, not everyone has studio-quality lighting in their homes, and that can make for a less successful meeting over a video conference. Whether your software engineer is already established in a company or is applying to jobs, these lights will help impress the people they meet because they will be well-lit and looking good.

  • Geek pack for Cards Against Humanity

This is a super popular game, and even more amongst the computer nerds out there. This raunchy card game is such a societal hit, the makers have been working on expansion packs to add more fun and flavor to their game. There are general expansion packs, as well as specialized ones. There are some good ones tailored to niche interests, and there are nerdy ones too!

  • Gaming keycaps

As anyone who spends a lot of time on computer gaming, the keys will start to show some wear after extended periods of use. These little keycaps will help reduce the amount of wear-and-tear that they face, as well as maintain the usability of the keys themselves. It will help save your software engineer their beloved keyboard and save them money from having to replace the keys or the entire keyboard.

  • Books about programming

This might be an obvious choice, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are a lot of interesting and informational books out there that are about programming and software engineering. If your loved one is an avid reader, then this is a great gift idea for them! It might help inspire them to pursue their programming dreams, or reignite a love for computers that might have dimmed over years of experience in the field.

  • Wifi router

These are definitely already in your software engineer’s home, but adding an extra might be beneficial, especially if they’ve ever expressed a grievance about an area of their home having poor wifi or being a dead zone. These can be linked to their already-existing wifi setup and shouldn’t cost them anymore on their bill. It simply extends the range their wifi reaches, diminishing poor wifi areas and eliminating dead zones. Anyone who is obsessed with the internet will adore this gift!

  • Noise-canceling headphones

These are so important to people who work in public, on-the-go, or even in noisy homes. When someone is in the zone and they get disrupted by a nosy stranger on the plane, or their dog randomly barking in the other room, it can ruin the mood and their productivity. Headphones like these will help alleviate these issues, and will definitely boost their productivity and zen.

  • Mini wifi plugs

These nifty little doodads can be plugged into your software engineer’s home and various appliances so they can control their home at the touch of a screen. If they are busy and want their coffeemaker to start their coffee early in the morning before they get out of bed, they can use these plugs to set that. It can be extended to anything with a plug and will make your software engineer so much more productive and feel in control of their environment.

Hopefully, this curated list of Top Ten Gifts For Software Engineers will help you on your next shopping trip for your loved one. No matter what you get them, they will appreciate the thought and effort you put into their gift, and the smile on their face when they open it will be priceless. Happy shopping!



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