Strategy Board Games – A Good Way of Developing Critical Thinking

Strategy Board Games – A Good Way of Developing Critical Thinking

Board games are not new to mankind or modern civilizations across the world. These games have been played in ancient civilizations whose proof we get from the archaeological sites dug up around Jordan. Games that have been found date back almost 7000 years ago. And so is the case with strategy board games which too are not new to man.  

Strategy board games or turn-based games, as it is alternatively known are also an ancient form of board games. These games were first found to be played in places like Greece, Rome, the Levant, Egypt, and even as far east as India. Despite having ancient origins, they are still played today all across the world. They are universal throughout nations. They are enjoyed by the global community which just goes to prove their popularity even today. 

What Are Strategy Board Games? 

Games that are not forced on the player. Rather they are games where the player makes strikes based on his knowledge and skills. His own decisions have a significant impact on the game and decide its outcome. The players’ free-thinking, ability to make decisions and awareness of the game’s current circumstances are thus the foundation of the entire game.  

You can also say strategy board games as offshoots of war games. Here, the player’s strategy in playing the game is as good as war tactics. The game is heavily dependent on the strategies which are also resting on two factors. These factors can be noted as the game-scale actions and the complexity of the game. Though you can say that the war mode is full-on in such games, they are not what the entire game is about.  

Types of Strategy Board Games 

There are many types of strategy board games that can be thoroughly enjoyed by every member of the family. These games would be like this:  

1. Abstract Strategy Board Games:

These types of games only simulate reality, but it is not reality. It is played with the help of internal logic and its thematic concepts are loosely tied up. In such games, as per the purists’ concepts and definitions, there cannot be any information hidden from the players. The best example of this type of game is chess, one of the most ancient games.

2. Team Strategy Board Games: 

In such games, the offensive and defensive skills of the players are extremely fluctuating and unpredictable. According to some experts, playing these games will aid in the development of strategic awareness and business skills. A shining example of this kind of game is contract bridge.

3. Eurogame:

These board games are styled in German and are quite a newer genre on the scene. Their rules are simple, and playtime is short to medium. The players interact indirectly with abstract physical components. The key idea here is strategy, which relies less on conflict and chance. The themes are mostly military, and players are in it till the end.

4. Wargame: 

These strategy board games are simply what their name says. They are just simulations of campaigns, military battles and sometimes even an entire war is fought out. The situation of the players is somewhat akin to the military leaders of historical battles. A notable example of this style of game is Warhammer Fantasy.

5. Simulation:

 These games are only attempts at a simulation of real-world situations and thus their rules are also real-world-like.

6. Modern-Day Turn-Based Games:

These games are relatively developed in modern times. A good example is XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

7. Strategy Video Games:

These are generally computer-generated games that are played based on real-time strategy. 

The Benefits of Playing Strategy Board Games 

Playing strategy board games will help the players to develop certain skills. They will learn the art of plan formulation easily and skillfully. Such games train you so that there is no scope for making careless mistakes in your daily life. It is a way of working out the brain daily which helps in taking decisions spontaneously.  

With so many types of strategy board games available on the market, it helps people who play them to develop certain skills for daily life. They have a lot to teach.

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