How To Get a Good IELTS Score

How To Get a Good IELTS Score

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

IELTS exam was invented to check the English language ability of non-native speakers intending to study in an English-inclined country. Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada are the top most common nations where the IELTS is acknowledged for university applications. The main purpose of this exam primarily assesses the test taker’s capability to communicate in the four core English language proficiency of reading, speaking, hearing, and writing. It is computer-based as well as paper-based. You can pick the mode of the IELTS exam at your comfort. The test is available in more than 135+ countries at more than 1,550 places, with 30 only in the US, and there are 48 test dates each year.

How Many Types of IELTS

The IELTS Academic test is for students who intend to study at a university in an English-speaking setting (higher education). IELTS Academic can also be used as an English language proficiency proof for applying to jobs in multinational corporations. 

If you are taking this exam for migration purposes, you need to go for the IELTS general test. 

If you want to prepare a good basic knowledge for this exam you can take help from an Assignment Helper, because a good IELTS score will put you on an entirely different pedestal. So, make sure you prepare well to have a competitive edge. 

There are two types of IELTS exams available. You need to opt for one, based on your purpose of taking the exam. 

  • IELTS Academic Test

The IELTS Academic test is conducted for those students who want to apply for professional registration or higher education abroad. For the ones who are examining for tertiary education or professional registrations, IELTS academic is what you can opt for. The IELTS Academic test takers must apply for postgraduate or undergraduate courses abroad. So the test sections will be designed accordingly.

  • IELTS General Test

The IELTS General test is taken by those students who have migrated to major English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia and Canada. This test is also taken by those who need to enrol in training programs or secondary education or want to gain work experience in a country where English is the primary language used for communication.

What is the Format For IELTS?

The format of the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training editions is similar, but the subject matter of the Writing task 1 and Reading components of the test differs.

Now that you have a general idea of the IELTS exam let’s move forward and learn some formation of the IELTS exam.

IELTS is a test of all four core English language skills like: 

  • Listening

Learn to listen to the radio daily; it is appropriate because now it’s available in an App. This will help you to improve your focus while listening. In these exams, you have been given 40 minutes, of which 30 minutes are for listening to the recording and 10 minutes for solving the answers.  You will be offered four recordings, first two will be about the normal day-to-day situation, and the other two will be related to the factual, education and training information. 

  • Reading

The issue related to reading is time management. The reading component consists of a total of 40 questions, including gist, reading for detail, skimming, understanding logical arguments and ideas, and recognizing the writer’s opinions, purpose and attitudes. These texts include factual, descriptive, analytical and discursive aspects. These are taken from authentic newspapers, magazines, journals and books. These are appropriate for entering university lessons or aiming for professional registration. 

  • Writing

Under it you are supposed to complete two tasks, first is to compose a letter or an essay in response to the point of argument, issue, or view. A typical general situation will be given to you, about which you need to write in 20 minutes, with a limit of 150 words. 

In the second task, You will be presented with a chart, diagram, table and graph and asked to describe, explain and summarize in your own words. Also, it is the stages of a process and data to know how something works for any object. 

  • Speaking

Last but not least, yet the time span is small for this section, but it contains massive priority for your higher bands. This test is conducted either before seven days or after seven days of these three tests. The PI with an interviewer almost takes 10 to 15 minutes in total.

Why is the IELTS Exam required?

You may be aware that you need to get a precise IELTS score in order to follow your career goals. Here are the top five picks you should remember: 

  1. Study programs overseas and Higher Education :

Best overseas educational locations like the USA, Canada, and the USA require an aspirant to take the IELTS exams. The IELTS is also necessary for those who are willing to register with professional bodies and organizations, not only to enter for a non-speakers university. The students who are taking this exam will quickly secure admission to the most prestigious educational institutions. 

  1. Permanent residency and immigration:

Government agencies use this exam as part of their application process for permanent residency and citizenship. According to their government, it is important to have command over integration, communication, and performance in their English-speaking atmosphere. 

The immigration authorities only accept students with high IELTS scores. It is easy to get a visa and immigration applications with good IELTS scores from the authorities.   

  1. Access to global employment opportunities:

Multinationals and global conglomerates are required to prove English language proficiency when they present employment to non-native English speakers. Therefore, applicants who want to work for global brands overseas need to take the test. One must take the General IELTS exam to get a work visa and start a professional life in a foreign country. Developed economies in the world like the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, and the UK accept IELTS test scores while offering jobs. 

The Final Thought:

So, this is all we can provide you. Now you must be much more explicit about the kinds of tests, and which one to pick. One of the primary references you need to prioritize is spelling and grammar because penalties can be there for each blunder you make. So you must do the exam preparation and registration only after deciding which module to go. You can check the IELTS Academic and General test format and follow your dreams.

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