How To Care For Your Newborn Puppy

How To Care For Your Newborn Puppy

A newborn puppy is just like a newborn baby. However, raising a puppy from newborn to adulthood is not the same as a child. You must first understand some essential things that all animals need, especially the new ones. This delightful information may create fun. But it is necessary for the proper care of your little one.

Your puppy depends entirely on you. You have to know how a puppy eats, how much a puppy sleeps and how to take care of a puppy. You must place all the essential things across your puppy to provide complete comfort. But the question arises from where to buy, how to know the product I like to grab is good or not.

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Here we collected some essential tips to tell you how to care for your newborn puppy. Scroll down to know

Care According To Age

Aminal didn’t take years to grow. A few months and little effort are required for your puppy’s healthy growth. We have divided their newborn period into weeks. Let’s look to know.

First week: once your puppy comes on the land, the umbilical cord may still be attached, the ears are flat, and the eyes are closed.

Second week: only ears begin to open. Eyes are still closed. It usually takes 10-17 days to open.

Third week: start to see the earth, slow movement, tooth buds forming, teeth will also begin to erupt this week.

After 15 to 20 days, you should be able to eat food, run, play and jump. Hardworking over a few weeks makes your puppy healthy soon.

Safety Comes First

Do proper checking of all the food that they take in. As new puppies receive important protection from germs? Their growth starts through their mother’s milk. In addition, dog moms produce a milky-textured substance called colostrum. This substance gives puppies’ bodies a full ability to fight off infections. In case of the death of puppies’ mothers, i recommend you to let your puppy nurse as soon as possible or call your veterinarian to make sure you get the supplements that puppies need.

Warm Temperature

Puppies are not able to regulate their body temperatures. They require a constant supply of artificial heat. In such a case, if the mom of your lovely kitten is not available, you have to grab a heating pad to keep your puppy warm. As we know, the environment’s temperature does not remain hot; extreme temperatures, tick/flea/fire ant infestation, and many other animals may harm them. So it is better to keep the animals indoors in the draft-free room.

Neatness Is Necessary

While providing them with proper care and covering all their need, they get sick day after day, making you worried. Only satisfaction of needs is not necessary for the proper growth of your little one. But also keep them clean. Little ones cannot control their self-safe under two to three weeks of age, leading to infection. Try to keep bedding dry and clean at all times to prevent chilling. Besides, animals also need to bathe; ensure they are soaked in warm water and tear-free baby and puppy shampoo for extra care; after completing the bath, use a towel to dry them and dry further with an electric dryer on a low setting.

Bottom Line

Some major necessary things are jotted down for you to keep your puppy healthy. Try to use all those things that are appropriately washed and bowls the water before they drink because keeping them warm is necessary for good health.

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