Best chrome extensions for business:

Best chrome extensions for business:

Businesses today have reached the whole next level by setting the benchmark and are giving tough competition to one another as it is not just about buying and selling. They are using all the advanced technologies required to be the best in the market and hence to make their life easier we have best chrome extensions for business.

  1. Todoist: An entrepreneur has so many things to do from talking with the clients to making deals and seeing if everything is working fine in the organization. Todoist helps in properly organizing your events because it is like a calendar and reminder at the same time that manages to organize your day-day tasks like adding an article to wishlist, remembering deadlines and due dates to avoid any hazels at the business, prioritizing the tasks, tracking the tasks assigned, etc. The link for this extension is:

  1. The Toggl Track: Toggl Track extension is to check and track your productivity hours. Often we get distracted while doing our work be it browsing the internet, using social media, or watching our favorite shows. By the end of the day, we realize we haven’t completed the work, failed to meet the deadline leading to stress and leaving a bad impression at the professional level to avoid all this, Toggl track extension comes to the rescue. This allows you to add a timer to a project with which you know how productive you are. It is available for both desktop and mobile apps: link is:
  1. Adblock: This is yet another extension that helps us from the distractions in the browser but here the distractions are the advertisements. We all know how annoying it is when we are reading something very interesting or doing research and suddenly an ad pops up. Sometimes the ads are of the shopping websites or something we like and we click on it which redirects us to the website which is again time-consuming. Adblocks as the name suggests blocks those kinds of ads, blocks malicious ads, blocks any third-party trackers, protect privacy, and many other features. Link for the extension is:

  1. Drag: Drag is an extension for all those Gmail users who find it difficult to deal with their emails. Suppose we have one business account and all the clients, colleagues, users send emails to the same account. Apart from this, there are emails for promotions. It becomes quite difficult to open each email and respond. Drag helps in organizing the mails easily in a proper way. It helps to sort the mails in different folders like the projects you are working on, share group emails, see who is working on which task, report the team’s activity, and many other features in the task, views, notes, checklist, due dates, email templates, etc. Link is:
  1. Click and clean: This is an extension that helps to run your browser more smoothly. Privacy is something very important to us and every time we open so many tabs it is impossible to clear the cache, browsing history, etc. click and clean does the job here, it clears the browsing history, cache, and prevents others to track the internet activity, clean up the hard drives, scans your pc for malware. It has three cleaning modes low, medium, high. Helps in easily managing the cookies by staying signed in the sites you want. The link for the extension is:
  1. Https everywhere: security of our data is something very important and every site that we visit or has HTTP at the starting doesn’t mean it is secured so this extension converts the insecure website into a secured one with the HTTPS version of the URL or at least it makes sure it blocks those kinds of malicious websites hence making your browsing 100% secure. It also keeps all of your information is safe. The link for the extension is:
  1. Flowcrypt: This is yet another extension that helps in maintaining privacy by using end to end encryption. This extension helps to maintain privacy in Gmail messages by using PGP (pretty good privacy) encryption. With this, you can send emails to anyone without fearing about security. It does its job by adding a secure compose button to Gmail. It is easy to set up, easy to send, receive encrypted emails to anyone. The link for this extension is:

  1. BuzzSumo: This extension is useful for all the business as it helps in tracking the metrics, and tracking the metrics is important to analyze the success and growth of the business. This extension helps in tracking the engagement metrics that means it helps to see real-time social media shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. It also shows who shared it, and the backlinks received. The best part is you can see the metrics of your site and the competitor’s site as well. It also shows which content is performing well. The link for the same is:

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