Air Purifier Buying Guide in India For 2020!

Air Purifier Buying Guide in India For 2020!

As the air is invisible the same way dust particles and pollen are also invisible making the surrounding unhealthy and harmful. Dirty air invites many airborne diseases making people ill and unhealthy. Breathing in pure air is very important but nowadays the level of pure air is decreasing day by day. But if you are finding a solution for it then air purifiers can help you get clean and purified air.

Reasons for Polluted Air

The most important factor in polluted air is deforestation. Cutting down of trees has decreased the level of pure air from the surroundings. An increase in industries and residence is the main reason behind the cutting down of trees. The smoke emitted from industries and vehicles, the smell of tobacco, and the burning of gases makes hazardous effects on the person who breathes. This dirty air causes harmful diseases, allergies, and asthma and needs to be cured. Using air filters/ purifiers can make the environment clean purifying the air. All the dust particles and bacteria are destroyed by the purifier providing you cool and fresh air. They differ in size and can be placed wherever you want.

The need for Air Purifier

Dirty and hazardous air can make you sick keeping this thing in mind you need to take care of yourself and your loved ones. It’s hard to find pure air but you can inhale clean air with the help of air purifiers available in the market. Unclean air contains high levels of bacteria and viruses. The smoke emitted from industries and factories release chemical gases in the atmosphere that can cause asthma and other airborne diseases. So to decrease the risk of illness you require clean air and for that, you need an air purifier. The filters present in the purifier stops pollen and germs from entering the surrounding and you can breathe in the fresh air. They are more favorable for people who are allergic to some viruses and also best for asthmatics.

How does an Air Purifier Work

Air purifier kills all the germs and bacteria present in the air. It works on two types of air purifying technology, one is active and the other is passive. In passive air purification units, air filters are used to remove pollutants while the active air purifiers release negatively charged ions into the air that causes pollutants to stick to the surface.

Therefore passive air purifiers are more efficient. Two common methods, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) are used to clean and purify the air. When the air enters the surrounding it holds on to the dirty particles in the filter releasing clean air into the environment.

Places Where Air Purifiers can be Used

Nowadays they are installed at usually every place. As the air is not so clean to breathe many people prefer air purifiers to make the environment wealthy. Here are some of the places where you can install air purifiers.

Your Home: The place where you live should be neat and tidy. When it comes to your house then it is the safest and more comfortable place for you. So why don’t you make your house more convenient by installing an air purifier? If your surrounding does not have many trees or you live nearby an industry then you must keep an air purifier in your house. The chemical and harmful gases released from the industries can harm your lungs and can cause harmful diseases, so take care of your health by installing the device in the right place.

Office Premises: Your workplace must have a neat and clean surrounding. A pleasant atmosphere gives you positive vibes to work more efficiently. Installing air purifiers at your workplace will be a complimenting thing. It will clean the air so that the employees working there do not get infected from any type of bacteria and viruses. Keeping it at the correct place that is near the door or windows will be more effective as it will purify the air while entering into the office.

Hospitals and Clinics: The highest risk of getting infected is at clinics and hospitals, as a number of patients visit there daily having different kinds of diseases. So taking precautions here is very important. You should opt for a relevant size and design of the air purifier according to the room or place where you are going to keep it. They are found in different models, running on the power supply or batteries and you can choose any one of them as per your choice and preference.

Malls and Showrooms: Airborne diseases spread very fast as compared to other diseases and when you go out in a high traffic area the risk of getting infected increases. You might have seen many shops and showrooms having large air purifiers installed inside. They filter the air whenever someone enters the showroom or shop. This saves people from getting infected with those who are working there and visiting there. There are many other commercial places where you can find or install air purifiers.

Buying Guides for Air Purifier

If you are planning to buy an air purifier then you need to look out which one will be the best for your place. You can get it easily online or from the nearby store. You can contact an air purifier supplier or air purifier manufacturer to get them at the best price.

As they are available in a variety of models you can choose it according to the design and your usage capacity. For guest rooms and living rooms, you can choose the small and convenient model running off batteries. But for hotels and restaurants, the huge and high voltage ones are more favorable. So choose it as per the needs and type of place where you are going to install it.

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