9 Innovative and Fun Planter Ideas for Home

Many of you love to be close to nature. However, you can’t do this due to several different reasons such as lack of time and space scarcity in or around your residential complex. Keep in mind there is a way when you have a will. You can create an indoor garden by placing pots on the home floor or hanging the same on planters from your home wall/ceiling. Here are some innovative and fun planter ideas that you can try in your home:

  1. Bin Containers with wheels

It doesn’t matter how you look at this large  indoor planter for home. It is a great and fantastic one for you if you want to have a planter for planting plants that you can easily move around your home. This indoor planter has a large bin with plenty of space. You can use it to place potted plants or to directly plant more than one small plant. Available with robust caster legs and frame, it allows you to move it from one window to another for sunlight.

  1. Decorative wall planters

Hanging planters are an excellent medium to have indoor plants, even if you live in a small house. Made using materials like seasoned wood and study iron & ropes, wall planters on WallMantra are available in several different designs, shapes (round, curve, hexagonal, rectangular, etc.), layers (1-3), and sizes. With the perfect one, you can easily decorate your home walls with beneficial indoor plants.

  1. Designer Box Planter

It is the best one if you come from a crafty folk and allows you to make your inner artist come out. With it, you can easily create something unique for the side table, dining table, and desk in your home/office. By using a paint, wood, or whatever you want to adorn with, you can make this box yourself in a few hours of time and have something exclusive to display in your home on any occasion.

  1. Terrarium Planters

You will love creating such a planter if you wish to have fun while planting indoor plants in your home. With the use of glass, you can convert your old terrarium into a beautiful planter to plant small plants in the terrace or hall of your home. The glass enclosure lets sunlight come in and protects the plants from pets if you have. You can add wheels to it to make it portable.

  1. Sack Garden

Creating a sack garden is highly easy and less time consuming for you if you want to have the most adorable and eco friendly planters. Made of recycled plastic bottles, it is a soft bag that you can use for planting indoor plants in your home. This soft planter bag is frankly elegant and versatile.

  1. File Cabinet Garden

You can use your home or office cabinets into wooden planters to have an indoor garden. For this, you can lift the floor cabinet upper part by adding wood pieces to it. Before filling it with soils for the plantation of small plants or flowers, you can place a glass piece on the base and in the sides to protect the wood from getting damaged. You can use old wooden boxes for planting indoor plants in your home/office if you don’t want to have additional carpentry work.

  1. Living Table

Facing a lack of space doesn’t mean that you can’t have plants inside your home/office. In your home, you use tables for different purposes such as dining, placing lamps, and doing your makeup. You can get a table, which has four structured legs. In the structured legs, you can place potted plants and watch getting your dining/side table transferred into a living thing.

  1. Upside-Down Buckets

You will love having a small hanging garden in your living room, dining hall, or bedroom. For this, you need to be a little creative. Take 4-6 or your desired number of plastic or metal buckets. Make a hole around the base in all of them so that you can use a fabric/metal rope to hang them from the ceiling. Fill with soil, plant the desired plants, and cover the upper parts with robust covers before hanging them to your home ceilings.

  1. Vertical Garden

Creating a vertical garden is an ideal option for you if you don’t want to hang potted plants from your home walls/ceilings or place them on the floor. For this, you can make box structures with wood, glass, screws, and allied materials on the walls of your living room or dining hall. You can fill these boxes with artificial or natural plants and do lighting to make your living room or dining hall look attractive.


Indoor planter ideas basically depend on how creative you are. By using your creative mind, you can make your indoor plantation unique and fun for you and your entire family. You will love to be in the room you have converted into a garden. Use the above ideas or be creative to find a few new planter ideas for your home.

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