8 Effective SEO Techniques to Quickly Grow Organic Traffic

8 Effective SEO Techniques to Quickly Grow Organic Traffic

In the digital marketing of the modern age, a strategy that is changing frequently is search engine optimization. If you think that for nurturing the leads, search engine optimization is the best tactic then you are not right. Remember that the tactics that did well sometime earlier will not show the same effect now. If somebody writes for robots or does keyword stuffing then these tactics will not work today. You need to consider the ideal customer’s pain points and then create your content. Now I am going to tell you 8 effective SEO techniques to quickly grow organic traffic.

  1. Perform your website’s SEO audit –

    In order to know the reason behind a loss in sales because of the loss in traffic, you need to audit your website. But what is meant by auditing the site? For attracting and retaining customers we can use a technique of growth hacking known as auditing. In an SEO audit:

  • The performance of your overall site is examined.
  • Then on the basis of your finding, you build goals.
  • After that, for reaching the goals you use the required tactics.

While performing an audit you need to look for a number of things:

  • Are the meta descriptions and meta titles of your web pages optimized?
  • Check if for the SEO search terms, optimization of your site’s each page has been done or not. But don’t do keyword stuffing.
  • Check if for search engines, optimization of your URL structure has been done or not.
  • Has the proper formatting of every blog post and every page been done or not?
  • Check if in the ALT tags of each image, keywords are present or not.
  • Check if in the content, there is a use of links or not.
  1. Gather information about the interests of the users –

    Try to know the interests of the target customers. This will help you in creating content that will grab their attention. If you want the customer’s feedback then you can use a number of ways:

  • Take the help of Quora which is a social media platform.
  • Use Google Analytics for viewing those pages that are most popular.
  • Your blog posts may receive several comments from the visitors. You need to view all those comments.
  1. Build landing pages that are SEO optimized –

    For improving sales and lead generation you need to perfectly design your landing page. You can drive an increased amount of search traffic if you create so many landing pages search engine optimization is the best tactic

  1. Build a mobile-friendly website –

    If a site works well on a mobile phone, then it is very good for the owner of the website. When on a mobile phone a site performs good then its search rankings get a boost by Google.

  2. Use infographics for the purpose of growing your traffic –

    A very easy way to show complex information is infographics. It is important for you to know that a large number of individuals learn things after seeing them visually and these individuals are 65 % of all. A 193 % rise in the traffic of a site is possible with the use of quality infographics.

  3. Take the help of social media platforms for posting valuable content

    Sometimes because of low Page Authority and Domain Authority, your newly written content does not get a good ranking on SERPs. In this situation, if you want to increase traffic and credibility then using social media platforms will be a good idea. But you have to use social media platforms like Quora, Blogger and Slideshare instead of Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. For building a following and improving search rankings quickly, Quora, Blogger and Slideshare will help you a lot.

  4. Perform an internal deep linking –

    Within the blog, linking to other pages with the help of anchor text is known as deep linking. This increases the possibility of indexing of your web pages by Google.

  5. Identify and use those SEO keywords that your competitors use –

    In order to get a good rank on SERPs, your competitor may have done hard work. You just have to perform competitor research. They may be getting a good ranking for certain keywords. You have to find those keywords with the help of various tools.

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