7 Steps To Buy A Diamond Ring Online, The Smart Way

7 Steps To Buy A Diamond Ring Online, The Smart Way

As festivals and holidays approach, people are noticing an increased number of discounts and deals available on online e-commerce websites. You can even find a rough diamond for sale at unbelievable prices that are lower than retail store prices. If it is okay to buy electricals and appliances online then what about diamond rings? The truth is online diamond ring buying is the latest trend in the diamond world. People who want to get better options and bigger diamonds for rings can easily try out this type of shopping. With so many options, you might struggle to find the ideal diamond ring. No worries as we are here to help you along this fun journey.

We have compiled a list of 7 tips to buy a diamond ring online smartly to maximize your prospects.

 Why buy diamond rings online?

Buying a diamond ring online has many benefits. Wide product assortment, variety of diamond vendors, prices to match every budget, why wouldn’t you want to try it? Buying diamond rings online also comes with convenience by saving time and getting doorstep delivery. Wherever said you have to see a ring to fall in love with it obviously lied. Several rings will capture your mind and it is a tough decision to choose the final one. But remember not to rush the process as you may end up with something you are not 100% happy with.

Vendor research and selection

Just like buying anything else, a decent amount of time will be put into researching the shop and its products. Likewise the same applies when buying a diamond ring. You will want to make sure the diamond vendor is legitimate, one that deals in only the finest diamonds that are available on the market. Start by finding out where the store is based, how many products it has, and when it was founded. The older the store, the higher the chances of it being genuine.

Diamond qualities

Next, you will have to decide what diamond qualities you are expecting in the ring and diamond. What cut of diamond do you want? How will it be set in the ring? Additionally, you would probably have a metal picked out for the ring band. These are all predetermined choices that you must make before searching for the engagement ring. After looking at a few products, you will get a clearer idea of what to expect and what is available.


This is to safeguard against fraudulent online diamond vendors who are looking for easy money and foolish buyers. Check the certifications of not just the diamond dealer, but also the diamond themselves. Approval from a renowned diamond institute is essential. GIA and AGA the best international diamond grading institutes. Certification from either of these institutes will prove the diamonds are genuine. Certification is vital when you wish to resell a diamond and have to prove it is real. Always insist on getting all the certificates and information. Never buy a diamond without the paperwork, you will regret it later!

Does the price work

Buying anything will require setting a budget. Buying a diamond engagement ring is a large and important item. Save up and set a good budget that will allow you to buy a beautiful diamond ring, after all, it is for the love of your life! You can get a clear understanding of prices on the market. Perhaps you will have to browse a few online diamond stores before placing a budget. Remember to set a reasonable budget according to current carat market value, do not go too cheap or you might get imitations or bad quality diamond rings.

Carat, color, and clarity

Based on the infamous four C”s, color and clarity, and carat signify the full value of the diamond embedded in the ring. This will be the highest hurdle of the race. The main attraction of any diamond is the carat value and its clarity. Carat is a standard diamond term used to describe the weight of the diamond itself. In diamond industry terms, 1 carat is 0.2 grams in our regular weight standards. The average diamond carat value for a ring is between 1 and 3 carats. Clarity determines the “brilliance” or bright reflective (sparkling) property of the diamond.

Are you getting the best deal?

Eventually, after searching through several diamond ring designs, you will find the one. But you will ask yourself if it is worth the price tag. It is understandable to want the finest deal your money can buy, you deserve nothing less. Do not purchase the ring in a rush as you will want to go home and ponder about the deal. At this time you can browse other online diamond websites to find what else you can find in this price range. Perhaps a bigger diamond or better clarity stone is available in the same range.

 Payment terms/discounts

Once you have settled on one diamond ring, time to pay. Before handing over your hard-earned cash, find out about guarantees, refunds, and other finer details (in case something goes wrong). Online vendors usually provide customers with several payment methods. Choose the most convenient one that is safe also. Look out for a bargain deal in the form of discounts and bank offers when they are available. After paying, take a final look at the product to make sure it is real and correct. Insist on getting your paperwork signed, stamped, and delivered along with the product.

Final thought…

To some buying, a diamond ring online might seem like a difficult task but for some, it has created a means to make shopping easy. Why not take advantage of technological advancements and enter the world of e-commerce and online shopping. You can get the ring you always wanted to get and save some money at the same time. Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home knowing that the best rings are available at the best prices.

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