5 Link Building Myths  Busted in 2021

5 Link Building Myths Busted in 2021

There is no doubt that link building is one of the most important ways to boost search engine ranking. Despite the massive importance of SEO, Link Building is still a victim of various misconceptions and myths that are holding many people from using it in a full-fledged manner.

In the realm of SEO, the pattern of the Google algorithm is something that is certainly not fixed and is rapidly changing day by day. Earlier the guidelines that most of the search engines used in considering the link building were very much decided on the terms of quantity. However, today this has changed and now Google focuses more on quality rather than quantity.

Therefore, if you really want to make the most from your digital marketing campaigns, then it is important that you take the time to educate yourself about the most common misconceptions and myths related to link building. With this, you will be able to use the link-building tool in a more efficient way. In this article, we will be mentioning all those common myths and take our time to bust them one by one. So let’s get started.

Myth#1: Link Building is useless

One of the biggest misconceptions among people about link building is that it is no longer effective. Most people believe that the effectiveness of link building is reducing day by day. Well, this is something that is not correct. Link building is still one of the crucial factors of SEO. However, one thing that you have to keep in mind while building links for your web pages is relevancy.  Using links that are not relevant to your business by any means may hamper your page credibility and might even trigger the chance of getting penalized by Google.

Myth#2:  Image links are bad from an SEO perspective

 Another major misconception about link building is that using the links in the image is not good from an SEO perspective. First thing first, it is important for you to realize that every aspect of SEO if misused might be bad. So, it’s you who have to keep the balance between the right use and wrong use. Basically, many spammers just stuff the keywords in ALT tag descriptions of the images in order to get a higher ranking and fool Google’s System. However, this case is long gone as now Google algorithm is much smarter than it used to be.

Myth#3:  Using more than two links in one site is not fruitful 

Indeed, it is true that you have to focus on diversity, but there is nothing wrong with using more than one link from just one website. You have to understand that the main objective of link building is not only increasing your page ranking but drawing traffic to your websites as well. However, try to focus on the quality when using links rather than the quantity. What’s the point of putting links that is not relevant to your business; even chances are strong that you will be penalized by Google.

Myth#4: Only use NoFollow links while link Building

There are many people who say that every link used in the link-building process should be a NoFollow. Well, to be very honest, the majority of the links present on websites are mostly dofollow. The overall percentage of Nofollow links used is comparatively very lower than the overall percentage of do-follow links.  Nofollow links are the links that can be accessed by humans only, so they will be of not much use in contributing to the ranking of the page. On the other hand, Dofollow links are accessible to humans as well as Google bots.

Well, this was pretty much. All the misconceptions mentioned above will do more harm than good to your website. So, from next time don’t just fall on the words of the people. Take your time and learn about link building as much as possible.

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