Why Does Your Supermarket Need Digital Branding?

Why Does Your Supermarket Need Digital Branding?

As reported by Statistica on November 30, 2020, there are 38,307 supermarkets in the United States as of 2018. Your Supermarket can be profitable if you understand the community that you are supplying food to. 

The Secrets of Successful Digital Branding For Supermarket

What is the first thing you remember when entering a supermarket? 

Supermarkets are a place where you can buy everything you may need. 

While supermarkets may host a number of brands that will catch the attention of your shoppers, supermarkets need to establish themselves as a brand people can trust. 

Consumers want to feel that you are treating them with the utmost importance and establishing your supermarket brand helps with that. 

Where to begin launching a Supermarket Brand? 

You are an important part of your community because your supermarket provides consumers with products. In my experience, I have always found the supermarket to be a place of comfort where I focused on small aspects of the experience. 


Three Mistakes of Supermarkets during the Branding Phase

Focusing on the Wrong Products 

One of the core mistakes you can make when working on the digital branding of a supermarket is focusing on the wrong products in your advertisements.

The American Marketing Association found in February 2020 that the top ten food products that are purchased come from the dry grocery, frozen foods, non-food grocery, and dairy products sections. 

Focusing on Specific Demographics

Another mistake that can result in launching your supermarket brand involves branding your supermarket to specific demographics. While some demographics may spend more money in your supermarket, the store caters to all demographics.

Playing it Safe Instead of Taking Risks 

A key mistake that many of us make when working on digital branding for supermarkets is not taking risks because you do not want to alienate any audience.  

The American Marketing Association reported on how Sageberry Consulting President Steve Dennis recommends that brands should experiment with advertising instead of being afraid to fail. 

What Should You Focus on when Branding Your Supermarket? 

Now that you have insider knowledge of what to avoid when branding your supermarket, you are probably wondering what should I focus on when branding my supermarket? 

With the market of supermarkets becoming more essential to viewers during COVID-19, I have seen people relying far heavier on supermarkets like your own as a sense of comfort during uncertain times.

Make Your Customers Feel Important and Change with the Times

While this idea may seem twofold at first, you should understand that your customers want to shop at a supermarket where they feel understood. 

As a supermarket shopper, I have noticed that most supermarkets try to appeal to customers by lowering their prices.  

Maintain a Presence Online 

As COVID-19 has both benefited and changed your supermarket business, I would suggest that you engage with your customers online if you have not already done so. 

Building a website and social media is the first step to launching a supermarket brand that needs to start strong with at least 200 hundred followers in the first week. 

Business Insider reported how online grocery shopping is anticipated to increase immensely in the future as eMarketer reported that approximately only 2% of food and beverage purchases came from e-commerce in 2019. 

From Search Engine Optimization techniques to email marketing that can send messages directly to your customer base, maintaining an online presence is an essential step to launching your supermarket brand. 

Better Understand Your Customer Base 

Launching your supermarket brand needs to begin with understanding your customers. 

A simple feedback question from your customers can make the real connection that customers are walking through your doors. 

Why Does Your Supermarket Need Branding? 

As we’ve discussed throughout the course of this article, the world of supermarkets is changing due to COVID-19.

In June 2020, it was reported that 78% of those surveyed in the Food Industry Association FMI Survey changed where they shopped for food during the pandemic. 

This fact means that the past year has changed the entire supermarket industry and launching your supermarket as a brand is essential in 2021. 

If you are a supermarket independent of true branding principles, a digital marketing agency is what you will need to thrive. So are you ready? 

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