Unlikely Places to Find Asbestos

Unlikely Places to Find Asbestos

Asbestos is a popular building material and was not banned until the 1980s. After that it was completely banned due to its harmful effects to personal health. This material is usually found in residential and commercial buildings built before the 1990s.

The tensile strength and heat resistance of asbestos make it the first choice for builders, i.e., before they came to know the dangers of this material. Before that, manufacturers made full use of the various qualities of this material and used it in a variety of applications in construction. This is why asbestos is found in the most unlikely places.

If you detect the presence of asbestos in your property, it is best to have it removed. You can always connect with us for the best services related to asbestos removal in Perth. Here is a list of the most unlikely places where you can find asbestos.

Old-Fashioned Loudspeakers

Early loudspeaker designs often included parts that generate a lot of heat, such as vacuum tubes and tube racks. Asbestos is used to isolate the heat from the speaker enclosure. The material can also help control the vibration in the speaker to prevent the sound from becoming muddy. So, you can probably find asbestos in any old loudspeakers.

Sound Insulation Board

Asbestos can effectively reduce the echo and reversal in the room. The type of asbestos used in the sound-absorbing panel is chrysotile or white asbestos. This is because it has the ability to resist sound, and the material is added to the sound-absorbing panel and installed in an area that generates a lot of noise. These include recording studios, churches and theater stages. Chrysotile is also used in certain residential houses to provide sound insulation between rooms.


Sealant is used to seal doors and windows to prevent heat ingress and cold air leakage. The material is also used for cracks, breaks and other openings. Before the ban, asbestos was added to the caulk.  This material can improve the durability of the sealant to prevent it from being scattered.

Vinyl tiles

Vinyl was the most popular flooring choice in the 70s and 80s. This is due to the wide variety of colors and designs available. Vinyl tiles are also very durable and require less maintenance than other types of flooring. Of course, the popularity of asbestos and its durability and insulation ensured its addition to flooring materials. In addition to tiles, asbestos is also used in wallpaper and other vinyl products.

Heat-resistant Cloth

Asbestos can provide effective fire and high temperature protection. This is why this material is used in firefighter jackets and clothing. It is also used in aprons and gloves used by factory workers who are often exposed to high temperatures. Unlike many other common fabrics, clothes with asbestos edges are also very durable and last longer.

These are some of the unlikely places where you can find asbestos. Once you detect the presence of asbestos in your property or other materials, it is best to have it disposed. If you are looking for professional services catering to asbestos removal in Perth, you can always connect with us for the most reliable services.

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