The Wedding Gifts You Want for Your Friends

The Wedding Gifts You Want for Your Friends

What to give to friends at your wedding? All brides dedicate many hours thinking about what to give to the most inseparable friends, those who do not abandon you at any time and are for good and bad. It doesn’t matter if you met them 20 years ago or just a year ago, they are people who have earned the title of friends with all the letters.

They know both of you (especially you), they have lived your relationship, your love, your dislikes and your “I do.” Brides want to reward those inseparable friends/friends and it is totally logical, so I leave you to brainstorm for you to surprise them.
Ideally, choose something that you know they will like, which will have a special meaning for you, which is emotional. This list does not fail! If you still don’t have the perfect gift for your partner, here is a list that will leave you speechless.

A Rose

The rose from the movie “Beauty and the Beast. ” You can buy it or make it yourself (it’s quite simple). Together with the rose, he hands out a personalized card that says, “Eternal roses last forever, just like us” or “You are the most beautiful person in the world.” I know that this idea will appeal to more than one.

If You Are a Handyman

Do something that you are good at and give it to them. A painted silk scarf, a photo album with your best moments since you met until today, paint a canvas, make a personalized calendar and each month, put a few words on it … It will be a surprise!

If you are not good at it but you want to try this idea, you just have to watch youtube videos with tutorials, nowadays the one who does not do something is because he does not want to or because he cannot.

A Text

You are good at writing and you have the gift of words. Take advantage of your ability to write on a beautiful paper (parchment, watercolor paper, cloth, …) a text telling how you met, what their friendship means to you, any shared anecdote, what do you expect from this friendship in the future, … You can add some famous phrase or text or some poem. End the text with “We were strangers and now we are like sisters” or “Without you I would surely not be the person I am now” or “Together, always, hand in hand” or “One for all and all for one”.

If They Have a Sweet Tooth …

A bouquet of lollipops, an assortment of chocolates, a popcorn machine,… An Advent calendar with sweets and a phrase in each compartment to brighten your day. The only condition of this gift is that he will have to share it with you (if he wants) Put a note on him that says “Eat me” and say a few words to him. We fans of sweets know that it is a perfect gift.

A Common Photo

Obséquialas to each one with a joint photo or a photo where only you and her appear . If it could be the first photograph you took together or the oldest you find. There is nothing better than remembering old moments with a snapshot. Behind the photograph, write a dedication, an anecdote or whatever you want to say. Don’t forget to frame the photograph. When you distribute the frames, put a note that says, “This photo says much more than you think.” When they discover that they have a dedication behind the photograph, they will love the surprise you will see.

Custom Shirts

You are a group of inseparable friends, you are all like nail and flesh. Gift them a custom embroidered shirt with a phrase, joke or anecdote that is very yours. Of course, make sure that the design is elegant and the shirt is made of good material, so they can always use it on any occasion.

A Jewel

The perfect best friend gifts are a silver ring, pendant, or bracelet. Only you will have it, you will wear it and you will know what it means. Record a word or phrase that you have in common or choose a charm/pendant that characterizes you or say it with a morse code like the bracelet in the photo. You can also put a card with a phrase like “Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they’re there.”

Music to Remember

Make a CD with a list of all the songs you have spent dancing on the dance floors. Surely you collect songs from several years that will bring back various anecdotes. Personalize the cover of the CD and on the back, write the name of each song with an anecdote that you have shared like “This song I know you’re going to like” or “Guess what happened the day we heard this song. Do you remember?” or “This day was unforgettable” or “London” or …

Flowers to Give to a Friend From Your Bridal Bouquet

They are important so you want to give them something that is important to you and your big day. Talk to the florist and ask him to divide your bouquet into 4 parts (as many parts as friends you want to give a part of the bouquet). So at the wedding reception, you will only have to separate the 4 joined parts and you will be able to give it to your best friends. It is a precious wedding gift for friends that not all guests have and that means a lot to the people who receive it.

A Book

Gifts for friends are very special. Please give them a personalized book, your favorite book, a book that has marked you, a first edition, a book that conveys everything you would like to say to yourself or choose a book and mark a bookmarked page. Whichever option you choose, add a card with a message such as “Friends are like good books, you don’t have to have many, just be good like you.”

A Plant

Friendships are like plants, you have to water them and let them flourish. Give him his favorite plant or yours or yours. Above all, do not die!

A Dinner

There are friends who cannot see each other every day so they usually meet each time they get together for a meal. Give them dinner in a different and special place with a photographer included immortalizing your friendship and your moment.

Lingerie Robes

This option is useful if you are going to give them the gift before the wedding day, give them a gown embroidered with the message ” Bride Squad ” or “Team of the bride” or ” Partner in crime ” or personalized with their names. They can put it on the day of the bride’s farewell or on your wedding day if they arrange it with you. In addition to using it whenever they want.

A Photoshoot

Sometimes we don’t have as many pictures with friends as we’d like, so this option is perfect to remedy it. Organize a joint photoshoot in true “Friends” style.


If you like strong emotions or unforgettable experiences, you can choose to give a joint tattoo, a weekend getaway to a rural house, a beauty treatment, a weekend just the two of you, … The important thing is not the experience is yes, but you will do it together.

Make a List

Write a list of things you have left to do that you would like to do with it, and leave space for her to finish filling it out! Set a date and it must be met! Go on a trip together in Europe, make a time box, go to karaoke, go on a picnic with a blanket and basket included, go to a festival, parachute, sneak in a private party, create your own hashtag on Instagram, … No There is a better gift than giving away your time.

Bambi Advice

I do not want to dismiss this post without mentioning that you do not worry if you give wedding gifts to a group of friends and others not on your wedding day, if they are good friends they will not care and they will understand that you have more relationship with some than with others. So don’t worry about whether a friend will feel bad if some have a special detail on your part and others don’t since each one knows how special their relationship with you is.

If even so this topic does not let you sleep, I propose an idea. At the time of the dance, ask the DJ for the microphone and you see naming each of your friends (who have not had a special personalized detail) tell them to come to you and give them a flower-like the ones that make up your bridal bouquet (a rose, a tulip, a gardenia, a poppy, …) with a little note. They will feel as special as the rest.

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