The 7 Best Natural Remedies To Soothe The Pain of a Sore Boil

The 7 Best Natural Remedies To Soothe The Pain of a Sore Boil

Blepharitis or a boil is painful and annoying, and while it usually tends to go away on its own,there are some measures you can take to help reduce the discomfort.

A boil occurs when a gland on the inside of the eyelid or near the eyelashes blocks and becomes infected with bacteria called staphylococcus. The infection causes the eyelid to swell and a pimple-like lesion to appear. This can happen on the inside of the eyelid or along the lash line. Although it is a minor infection, a stay can be painful.

Here are some of the best natural remedies to soothe the discomfort caused by the sore eye boil.

Warm water

To relieve the discomfort caused by a boil (external dimple or scaling), all you need to do is just place a warm compress on the affected eye for 15 minutes, three or four times a day. The compresses help relieve pain and stimulate the secretion of pus, thus speeding up the healing process. You may notice an improvement after a day or two, and the boil may completely disappear within a week.

Maintain eye cleanliness

Keep your eyes clean and avoid wearing makeup. It is important not to touch the boil on the eyelid, try to remove it, or apply pressure to drain the pus to ensure that the infection does not get worse and spread. Avoid wearing cosmetics until you are sure that eyelid boils have completely cured. Wash your hands with soap and warm water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before or after touching your eyes.

Avoid wearing contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, we recommend that you replace them with glasses during this period. Wearing contact lenses may exacerbate the carbuncle bacteria.


Garlic contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can help you eliminate inflammation. Crush the garlic cloves, then apply them to the affected area on the outermost layer of the skin. Repeat this process twice daily until the condition improves.


The starch in potatoes may help reduce inflammation and swelling. Place the Batax strips like compresses on the affected area and you will get instant relief.

Tea bags

There are many health benefits of tea, so we recommend that you soak tea bags in cold water and apply them directly to the affected area of ​​the eye. The antioxidant compounds in tea help to quickly eliminate infection and get rid of germs, thus speeding up the healing process.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera leaves have been used for many years in alternative medicine thanks to its many benefits. You can rub the gel directly onto the eyes to eliminate the infection, or apply leaf juice to the affected area two to three times a day to relieve symptoms.

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