Spying On Non-Rooted Android Phones of Kids

Spying On Non-Rooted Android Phones of Kids

The parents are facing challenges in maintaining a strong security protocol for their kids. Nowadays, kids are facing more and more issues of cyberbullying, harassment, cyber predating, sex offending, and other like problems.

This is because they have earned extended hands-on mobile phones, social media, and the internet.

The kids normally use android phones because they account for more than 86% of all the smartphones in the world. The primary responsibility of the parents is to maintain and protect the physical, as well as moral and ethical security of their kids.

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For accomplishing this purpose, the parents need to devise a strong security mechanism for kids, and this is none other than using an android spy app for non-rooted phones.

The non-rooted android phones are actually quite hard to spy on because of the security protocols and firewalls of the operating system.

Discussing threats to kids

The kids are getting more and more victimized by cybercriminals who actually seek to target kids for gaining illegitimate monetary and other benefits. Let us make the conversation more extensive by presenting some revealing statistics.

A study conducted on child security pertaining to usage of the internet infers that

  • More than 59% of US kids report that they have been targeted by cybercriminals and stalkers for unlawful purposes.
  • More than half of them stated that they had faced physical and mental health issues pertaining to the developing situation.
  • The researcher claimed that social media is massively hurting the security protocols for kids because there is no defined framework through which cybercriminals can be identified over these networks.
  • Instagram is massively home and prone to the presence of cybercriminals and kids stalkers, with 42% of the kids facing issues over the platforms, while followed by Facebook with 37%.
  • The female kids are very much exposed to these threats of the internet, where out of all, 40% females are getting affected by the criminals, followed by males with 28%.

Besides this, another threatening concern for the parents is their kids’ viewing inappropriate and substandard content over the internet because the presence of such content is in loads over the internet.

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Cybercriminals do all these activities primarily for getting monetary benefits. They blackmail and exploit the kids to reveal their parents’ financial details, thus seriously damaging overall family standing.

The solution to these problems – OgyMogy

The only solution that can take up all the discussed issues is the use of a spy app for non-rooted Android phones. A large number of applications are available claiming the same service, but all of them are to no use.

The best service that is found after an extensive assessment is OgyMogy. It can be installed on to android device of the kids just after purchasing a license and getting physical access to the target device.

The child does not get any hint of the respective activity because the app is designed in such an efficient manner. The salient features of the spy app are as follows.

Extensive social media monitoring

The social networks monitoring feature of the spy app extensively monitors all the chats of the target user over the social networks. These chats can be viewed and monitored for any kind of suspicious activity, and if something inappropriate is there, the parent can take necessary actions.

The parent can even block a few connections of the kid’s network that are not suitable to be in connection with the kid.

Website blocking and filtering

The website blocking and filtering enable the guardian to block certain URLs that are prone to have a massive presence of immoral and inappropriate content.

The password chaser

The keylogger of the spy app allows identifying the password of all the installed apps on the target android device.

Phone call monitoring

All the incoming and outgoing phone calls can be monitored by the parent in real-time.

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