Social Media as Businesses’ ‘Mjolnir’: Taking Advantage of Online Promotions’ Secret Weapon

Social Media as Businesses’ ‘Mjolnir’: Taking Advantage of Online Promotions’ Secret Weapon

Thor, Son of Odin, God of Thunder, Lightning, and Storms, is already a powerful character himself. But with the addition of Mjolnir, an enchanted hammer given by his father and his most well-known weapon, he becomes even more powerful.

The ‘Mjolnir’ is special, because it was established that only those who are worthy enough could wield the weapon. It’s the same with social media. Knowing how to take advantage of it with proper handling (and not just hurling it at a 3,000-year-old being back from the dead) could become your business’ own version of ‘Mjolnir.’

Social media has made it easier for people to connect with each other and has become extremely helpful in bridging the gaps between them. Celebrities use social media to promote their craft, share things about their lives outside of their work, and use different platforms to connect with their fans on a personal level.

Businesses are no different.

Using social media has nearly become a must for businesses, considering that the number of users with social media profiles has just surpassed the 3 billion mark in 2018. The benefits of social media include increasing your businesses’ reach and audience. When done right, it can be cost-effective.
According to about 90% of marketers, the exposure and awareness of their businesses have grown immensely through the use of social media with roughly only 6 hours of work in a week.

Because of this, the social media space has become so competitive that most businesses have turned to experts in the field like hiring a social media management agency in the Philippines to establish their social media presence and take their campaigns to the next level. And for most businesses the benefits really pay off.

Increased Recognition and a Wider Reach of Audience

The use of social media can greatly increase awareness about your business because of the constant exposure to a large audience with almost limitless range. It presents a great opportunity for your business to reach millions of people on different platforms that include your initial target market and beyond.

Always consider that nearly half of the world’s population are social media users, which means that the social media space is always scattered with potential customers. For instance, there are lots of consumers who have admitted to discovering new products in social media like Instagram, where 60% of its users get introduced to new and different brands in the platform.

Brings You Closer to Your Audience and Establishes Connections

Social media does not only help you reach a wider audience but also helps you get closer to them. Being on social media means you are open to interaction and engaging with a broader audience. It also shapes a certain personality to your business that shows you are beyond the marketing and sales side of things. This highlights the human side of your business.

According to a study conducted by Trinity Mirror Solutions in the UK, more than half of the adults surveyed won’t commit to a brand unless they see that the products are true to what they were presented as. If the business is genuine and true to their values, more customers are likely to stay onboard.
Establishing a real connection with your consumers is through humanizing your brand and giving them a reason to trust you beyond the quality of your products. Engaging on social media is one way to prove to them that you are approachable and have genuine care and concern for them.

Increase Website Traffic

Not being active on social media ultimately limits your reach to your usual consumers. These consumers are most likely already familiar with your brand and would look for existing keywords associated with your business.

Different posts or advertisements in different social media platforms is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and increase engagements to your business’ website. Sharing different content like blog articles on social media platforms from your website could notify people outside of your usual circle of consumers and gain immediate attention once you’ve published something. It is also one great way to increase social media presence and online visibility, as long as your social media accounts contain the link for your website.

Create Organic Content to Collect Valuable Leads

One of the great benefits of social media is allowing businesses to create different kinds of organic content with little to no cost. These platforms offer opportunities for businesses to generate valuable leads and with a wide range of content depending on the social network.

The posts could contain photos, videos, and many more. This is crucial for businesses because some social networks have advertising structures that are created to attract specific leads.

Communication is Faster and Accessible

No matter what industry your business might be in, social media provides easier communication between you and your consumers. Your consumers could easily express their grievances without much difficulty, and businesses can now respond and review feedback from consumers faster and easier than before.

The line of communication is much easier to access through social media and the improvements needed for the business could now be dealt with immediately. This cements your business’ path to growth.

Social media has shown it could be a number of things for a lot of people in the digital world. For businesses, it could be the key to successful global market domination.

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