PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is very essential in the electronic components.PCB is mainly used in the fabrication and assembly. A PCB assembly service also involves the procedures that require electronic components of assembling elements.

Why Boktech for PCB Assembly?

Boktech is one of the famous PCB assembly service providers in the industry. They offer the best quality of PCB to their clients. They provide prototype PCB fabrications assembly. Their services cover all stages required for the PCB assembly. They have an efficient team who helps in PCB assembly manufacture with great quality of service. Without Printed Circuit Board assembly none of the electronic devices could function properly. Boktech has developed a master team which gives the top-level PCBA in the market.

In every PCB assembly, there are some preliminary stages involved which have to maintain properly.

Solder Paste Stenciling:

The stage is called Solder Paste Stenciling. It applies for solder paste to the board. Generally, this process is alike screen printing a shirt. But instead of a mask, a stainless- steel stencil is placed over the PCB. It helps assemblers to apply solder paste only on the basic parts of the PCB.

Pick and Place:

After the first stage of the PCB board, it’s time to move on the second stage. In this particular stage, the PCBA process moves on to the Pick and Place machine, a robotic device surface like components, or SMDs, on a prepare PCB. SMDs is determined as most non-connector components on PCBs presently. The device starts the pick and place process by picking up a PCB board with a vacuum grip to the pick and place station. Often robot orients the PCB at the station and begins applying the SMTs to the PCB surface.

Reflow Soldering:

The of the third stage is Reflow Soldering. After the second stage concludes, the PCB board is transferred to a conveyor belt. This conveyor moves through a large reflow oven. The oven consists of a chain of heaters which gradually heat the board to the around 250 degrees Celsius, or 480 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is hot enough to melt the solder in the solder paste. When the solder melts, the PCB moves through the oven. It passes through a series chain of cooler heaters, which allows the melted solder to cool and controlled manner. This originated a permanent solder joint to connect the SMDs to the PCBs.

Inspection and Quality Control:When the reflow process has done the assembled PCBs board needs to check functionally. Normally this Inspection and Quality control involved many methods.

Manual check: This manual check is done by the designer who ensures the quality of the PCB after the reflow stage.

Automatic Optical Inspection: It is a more accurate inspection method in this process. An Automatic Optical Inspection Machine (AOI) uses a series of high powered cameras to check the PCBs.

X-Ray Inspection: There is another inspection involves which is called X-Rays inspection. It is mostly used for the most complex PCBs. This inspection allows us to see through the layers. It also allows checking the lower layers to identify any hidden problems.

Through Hole Component Insertion:

This is the four-stage of this process. This stage is depending on the type of board under PCBA. This board includes a variety of elements beyond the general SMDs.

Final Inspection and Functional Test: This is a final inspection of the PCB assembly. This stage is also known as a functional test. This test keeps PCB through its paces, and simulating the general circumstances in which the PCB will operate. Simulate and power signals run through the PCB in this stage.

Boktech is master in the PCB assembly service industry. One can choose Boktech because they offer online PCB prototype services to their clients. Customers can avail the great range of PCB product from the online. Boktech offers 100 per cent satisfaction to its customers in the PCB assembly service.

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