How to Clear all the Smoke from your Room

How to Clear all the Smoke from your Room

A lot of people are smoking cigarettes these days. It has become the norm to smoke in public places, and many people have no idea how harmful it is for their health. You may think that you are safe if you don’t inhale deeply, but this isn’t true at all! This article will provide some helpful tips on how to¬† clear all the smoke from your room after a party or other event where smokers were present.

There are a few steps that you can take to clear all the smoke from your room.

1: Let fresh air into the room

First, open all of the windows in your room and allow fresh air to come inside. If there is an outside breeze, it will help strengthen this process even more, so if possible, leave the doors or window open while doing other things such as cooking dinner or cleaning up around the house. This way, when you return, any lingering smell has been completely removed from your home.

2: Use incense sticks/ candles

Incense sticks/candles will absorb some of the odor within their scents – not only for general smells but also for cigarette smoke specifically! Nevertheless, be sure that they do not have a too heavy scent because then they could end up causing their smell to linger, which may defeat the purpose of trying to clear out your room. Alternatively, you can use an air purifier which works in much the same way as using candles or incense sticks. It lasts a little more permanently, and it won’t be limited by the length of time that its scented oils last!

3: Try sprays

Thirdly, there are sprays specifically made to remove smells from rooms/surroundings. These sprays are great because they can remove all traces of odor and add a light scent, so you get rid of foul odors. At the same time, they add pleasing aromas to your home. These sprays work well with an open window or door to help spread their scent throughout your entire house.

4: Use baking soda

Moreover, you can’t go wrong with baking soda! It’s so versatile and will absorb any bad smells in the air. Leave out a bowl of it overnight (make sure that if there are kids/pets around, they know not to touch it). By morning all traces of smoke should be gone from the room. You can also try leaving things like coffee grounds or orange peelings on plates that work similarly but don’t have the same lasting power as baking soda.

How to ensure your room doesn’t get smoky again

Now that you’ve got your room cleared of smells, there are a few steps to take to make sure it doesn’t get smoky again!

First of all, make sure if anyone is smoking within the house (or even outside), they go somewhere else – preferably not into other people’s homes but at least onto the porch or back patio where any smoke can quickly dissipate, rather than hanging around inside all day long.

Vaping; a better alternative to smoking?

A lot of people who want to quit smoking are turning to vape as a great alternative. The great thing about this is that there are no harmful chemicals in the vapors, and you can flavor them with different flavor enhancers.

If you want to smoke something flavored, then vaping at lower temperatures is the best way to do it. Using a vaping device at low temperatures ensures the concentrate does not burn. As a result, your room will not get smoky, and your flavor won’t disappear. However, if you are about to vape for many hours non-stop, turning the device up a little bit might be necessary to get rid of all the nasty smells in your room.

While doing this, remember not to burn the flavor either! Keep a vaping journal next to your computer or smartphone so that you can monitor how much flavor you have burned every time you turn up the heat on your portable vaporizer.

Moreover, vaping devices mimic the smoking experience. Consequently, you will not miss the feeling of smoking. Most people have turned to wax pens to help them quit smoking. If you have one in your hands, then why not enjoy it to the max? You can flavor all sorts of flavor enhancers and be sure that none of them will leave a bad smell in your room.


The feeling of going into a room and being hit with an immediate sense of suffocation could be the worst ever. Luckily, you now know some simple ways to clear all the smoke from your home or office so you can breathe easily again.

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