How To Become Emotionless

How To Become Emotionless

People have been trying for centuries to figure out how to become emotionless. People had very successful strategies. Some others failed miserably at it. Some people tried to become something else, while others went into a fog and never felt anything.

There is no mystery to becoming emotionless. All it takes is choosing to be in the present tense. Forget about wanting something. What you want most often becomes an emotion. You want more of what you don’t have, and you will cry if you lose it.

If you decide that you will be in the present tense, your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to create new memories. The old ones are recycled into new thoughts and feelings. Your mind map will soon look completely different. Your feelings will seem a lot stronger, and you may begin to see that you are no longer angry at your boss or your ex. Instead, you will start to notice all of the good things you have done in the past, which will help you become emotionless.

How To Become Emotionless

How to become emotionless is done by choosing to block all of the negative information that you absorb. When you learn how to block the wrong information from your memory, your mind will be free to focus on positive emotions. If you learn the correct way to direct your energy, you can direct your emotions to any place on the mental map you wish.

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As we learn how to let go of our negative feelings, we also start to feel better about ourselves. We now have a chance to develop a positive image. This new image will help to motivate us to do more good deeds in our lives. Our chances of reaching our goals will increase, and we will feel happier and more content.


We need to realize that we do not have control over other people’s emotions. It is impossible to get someone to change their mind or mood just because we want them to. They have decided how they are going to react to a particular situation. We can only influence how other people feel by being ourselves and showing genuine emotion.

How to become emotionless when it comes to social media should be pretty obvious. There is no point in trying to control the direction your emotions take. You will end up creating more work for yourself. It is far better to let go of your emotions and allow them to follow their course. If you find that you have been sucked into a social media trap, you should consider how you can free yourself from it. The best way to do this is to stay out of the emotional loop.

How to become emotionless is not to let yourself get pulled into a situation based on your feelings. People who get emotionally invested in someone else’s situation are usually the ones who find themselves feeling miserable. This is because they have lost sight of the goal they set out to achieve. They have allowed their emotions to override their logical thinking and have allowed their feelings to replace their thinking. If you want to succeed in life, you have to have some self-confidence. You need to develop the ability to think clearly and realize that what other people think of you does not matter.

Way To Learn

The best way to learn how to be emotionless is to avoid getting involved in the first place. This means avoiding social media sites like MySpace and Facebook altogether. These sites are the leading causes of people becoming depressed, and many people have found themselves becoming addicted to them. Once you are off the social media scene, you will be surprised by how much better things will feel.

How to become emotionless when around people who are negative towards your goals?

If you feel the need to become cold-hearted, try to find someone else to have social interactions with. Although it can sometimes be challenging to do this, you will find that if you are positive towards your goals, it helps you stay motivated. Even if you do not like the individual, they will appreciate you as a friend if you attempt to become cold-hearted.

As we have mentioned before, the most significant way to become emotionless when dealing with other people is to avoid them altogether. If you are dealing with someone hostile towards your goals, you may find yourself avoiding them so that you do not become attached to them or to whatever you are trying to accomplish. However, if you surround yourself with positive emotions, you will be more likely to succeed in your efforts. Learning how to become emotionless when negative people help you tremendously in achieving your goals.


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