How Misspelled Keywords Affect SEO

How Misspelled Keywords Affect SEO

A very good user experience can be given to searchers by constantly updating the algorithms. Can we call the strategy for SEO as still valid by making the use of misspelled keywords? Let us see. In search engine optimization a common strategy that was used is targeting those keywords that are misspelled. Do you consider this strategy as still valid? Or do you think that it has been outdated? Is it a waste of time if we target misspelled keywords today? Will it affect SEO?

It was so easy to search anything in that time of SEO when there was no Google. No super advanced algorithms were used at that time. Their working procedure was so simple. On the basis of the documents appearing a particular number of times you can order them and their selection was based on a condition that a certain phrase was present in them. In order to check the relevancy of the page for keywords a meta keywords tag was given by the search engines. But it was not liked by the SEO professionals. The meta keywords tag could be used to show up “Britney Spears” in a website and it had no relation for what purpose the website was built. This search term was heavily spammed and of big volume. It was similar to how Google understands the misspellings at present. Meta keywords are not used by any well-known search engine currently. The reason behind this is that NLP and information retrieval have become advanced and also no meta keywords are liked by SEO professionals now. Also, the meaning of the words can be clearly understood by the search engines today. How misspellings can be understood by Google can be shown by an example of Britney Spears:

  • 488941 britney spears
  • 364 britey spears
  • 147 brotney spears
  • 147 britty spears
  • 5 brney spears

Why is SEO important? 

The search engine has a clear idea that “Britney spears” is the actual word in these keyword variations. Google can also give you details that in a particular state what words are not spelled correctly the maximum number of times. Earlier it was possible that common misspellings could be capitalized and some traffic could also be gained from these. Google can still show certain SEO articles related to all this and that are old too.

A few professionals of SEO recommend it also. Today’s search engines can give you the exact results after converting all the misspelled keywords into right words. The two search engines that can do this are Microsoft Bing and Google. Whenever wrong things are spelled in the search results then the correctly spelled term is shown in results by Google. However, if you still take interest in searching a misspelled word then Google will provide you a link for this. Just click on it and you will get some results.

Habits of searching on the internet

It is possible to get an idea of the search habits by looking into incorrect or misspelled keywords. In order to get the desired result, you have to see the way the terms are linked together. A misspelled word can be a result of error in typing while searching for a particular word.

Is there a requirement of optimization?

You can take the benefit of misspelled keywords by optimizing these. Now, in the article see the terms that have significant volume and are present in various keyword combinations. You will find a lot of keyword combinations as per the topic. A few of these can reach your article too. A good SEO strategy starts with trying to find out the keywords with high traffic and which can give a tough competition also. It is very interesting to go through the process of keyword research.

Optimization of misspelled keywords

After selecting the target keywords, you can optimize these. The steps for this are as follows:

1. By using an expression ‘often/commonly misspelled as …’ – With this expression the correct spellings can be added to your copy along with misspellings. In your niche, you may be having a website that is built for misspellings that normally occur and a special page can also be created by you for this.

2. By employing typo keywords in unimportant places – At the places that are non-prominent, misspelled keywords can be used by you. The possibility of these being seen by the visitors is very less.

3. By adding misspellings to those sections of your site that are user-generated – In the comments section of your website, misspelled keywords can be dropped by you. This is especially the case when you run a blog. Your credibility will not get compromised with this.

Some important things to remember

When searching on the internet, how can your article be discovered by people? You can get information about this on the basis of word preferences and search habits of the people. This can be done by looking into the incorrect keywords or misspellings. These mistakes can benefit you if you utilize certain tools of keyword research for these so that these can take you to the required results.

You can get hurt with misspellings

If misspelled words are used in your site then it is harmful for your site and it will be considered as of low quality by the SEO community. On the other hand, websites of higher quality will be rewarded by Microsoft Bing and Google.

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