Guide: The Best Ways to View Private Instagram Accounts In 2022

Guide: The Best Ways to View Private Instagram Accounts In 2022

So, the curiosity finally got the best of you? Isn’t that’s why you searched for how to view Private Instagram accounts? No, we’re not judging you!

Who doesn’t like to know what’s up with ‘ABC’? Maybe, you were close to them but didn’t talk anymore. Who wouldn’t want to sneak peek at their profile to see what’s up with them?

Now, what’s stopping you might be that you do not follow them on Instagram. Unfortunately, their account is private, and you can’t view their stories or posts.

As per the latest official data, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users globally, making it one of the top 4 social networks worldwide. 40.94% of the world’s 4.48 billion active social media users access Instagram daily. Further, by 2025, it has been predicted that there will be 1.44 billion monthly active users of the social media platform, which will account for 31.2 % of global internet users. Hence, privacy is a priority for Instagram. Like other social networking platforms, Instagram users can also make their accounts private. They can hide all of their photos and videos from people who are not following them. But what a drag!

If you don’t know how to get your way around a private Instagram account without sending a follow request, don’t get anxious. Luckily, we have all that you need to know. In today’s comprehensive post, we will walk you through certain crucial strategies and hacks to get around this challenge successfully.

Buckle up your belts, and let’s dive in!

A Private Instagram Profile: What Is It?

A private mode is an option available exclusively for personal accounts on Instagram, whether you’re a regular Jane Doe or a renowned personality. However, when you set your profile to private mode, only your followers can like, view and comment on your posts, and you tend to have complete control over who follows your account as you confirm or reject follow requests. You also have the liberty to switch to public mode so that anyone can view your posts and follow you freely.

However, business accounts must always be kept public. This implies any Instagram user can follow you and see, like, or comment on your posts.

How To Make An Instagram Account Private?

Well, this is literally a walk in the park! You don’t need to be tech-savvy for it. Here are the steps you need to make your Instagram account private effectively-

  • Tap on your Instagram user profile or your profile picture
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Tap on the button ‘Account Privacy.’
  • Click on ‘Private Account’. Voila! Your account is now private.

Ways to See Private Instagram Accounts

Let’s get down to business, shall we? Technically, there are countless ways to view a private account on Instagram. Take a look at some of them-

  • The Legitimate Way- Send A Follow Request

If you aim to view a private Instagram account, the easiest and the most legitimate- way is to request to follow that person. This implies that you go ahead and send a follow request to a person. Usually, they will approve of the people they know. Thus, if you have been acquainted with that person, you shouldn’t face any challenges in getting the following request approved.

If you’re trying to add someone you don’t know, like a celebrity or a friend of a friend, the easiest way to reach them out is via direct messaging. Sending the user a direct message will inform them about who’s requesting to follow them. Many users welcome new friends, as they can block or remove you if things get rough.

  • Conduct A Google Search

Now, what if you fail to view the Instagram account legitimately? You’ve got no alternative but to figure out a different method to see a private Instagram profile.

When Instagram users keep their profiles private, they tend to leave trails of their posts with image search engines. This enables Google to create a library of their previous pictures. These are posts made before the account was made private. All you need to do is enter the image into Google Image Search. You may find a picture or two, who knows? Go find out!


  • Use Someone Else’s Account

You can view a private Instagram account through the account of a common friend. If your friend is following the private Instagram account you desire to view; you can always access that account through your friend’s account with permission. If there is a specific post you wish to see, you can ask your friend to screenshot and send it to you at any time.

  • Create A Duplicate Account

Now, we’re approaching the land of ‘creepy’ ways to view private Instagram accounts. We do not recommend this method as it is borderline unethical and definitely against the terms of service of most platforms, including Instagram.

To do this, first, you need to do in-depth research on all social media platforms to find some of the activities of the person they’re intrigued by. These are comments and likes they make on other people’s posts or even photos they may be tagged in. Secondly, determine the persons for impersonation. Usually, these are people that the person of interest interacts the most. Save a person’s photo and use it to create a duplicate account. Create a believable bio with the same info from the original to make the account as believable as possible. Once the profile is complete, use it to send a follow request to the person of interest.

  • Use Third-Party Apps

Undeniably, Instagram won’t let you break through the privacy wall. However, there are other ways to do it effectively! Unbrick the wall with third-party apps.

Thanks to technology for blessing us with all the best inventions. There are countless apps and websites to serve this purpose. These have been particularly developed so that you can use them to view private Instagram profiles. Here we have listed the best ones for you!

  • InstaLooker

The InstaLooker app can enable you to access private Instagram accounts without shelling out any money. It is one of the finest and easiest apps for you. You have to make a few clicks and proceed further with the process. The app fetches the feeds you want to check successfully.

  • InstaRipper

Quite a name, right? Well, it simply rips down those walls and helps you. It’s a remarkable tool that is especially designed for people like you. It offers the facility of viewing and downloading photos from a private account just within a few seconds. Go ahead and get ready to eye the IG profiles of your choice!

  • WatchInsta

There’s no need to log in to your own Instagram account to use the app. Simply visit the website and provide your target’s username. Choose the content you need to view- photos, videos, text files, or all. Click on ‘View Profile’. You can also export any or all of the files in .zip format.

Parting Words of Advice,

If you’ve a personal account on Instagram, you must keep it private. And, if you’re into harmless online stalking but simply don’t want to follow the person, the next thing you can do is search for them on Google and other social media platforms. This other method of attempting to access a private profile is deceptive and unethical and, therefore, not recommended. Know any kind of unethical behaviour can get you blocked by your targeted person and even banished from Instagram. Hence, make an informed decision!

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