Coffee Break: How to Froth Milk for Cappuccino

Coffee Break: How to Froth Milk for Cappuccino

Looking to take your morning cup of coffee at home to the next level? While many think that the only way to get a fancy coffee in the morning is to go out to a cafe, there are so many easy ways to elevate your at-home coffee experience. One of my favorites is adding frothed milk. With a great milk frother, the process is simple and adds a fantastic body to your once flat brew.

My love for frothed milk over my coffee first started at my favorite cafe, where my typical order was a perfectly crafted cappuccino. During quarantine, this morning ritual, unfortunately, became out of the question. It did, however, make me think about the possibility of recreating my favorite drink at home. I thought to myself, “I mean it cannot be that tough to froth milk. Right? I have nothing but time on my hands nowadays.” All comes from preparing to depart the house. I still had meetings and work deadlines where I had to be present and accounted for. But there was still all this extra time that used to be filled with things like dressing, preparing dinner beforehand, or traveling. It was not allotted to anything then. I could totally find out how to froth my very own milk. I began my research immediately.

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I started with an already brewed cup of decent coffee, as I began reading about how to froth milk from home. One YouTube video later I’ve got three possible ways. Okay, jar and microwave is my only current option, let’s go. I shake the living daylights out of the milk on my fourth try, maybe it’s my microwave? Ok, totally not working. “Alexa, I want to shop for a decent inexpensive milk frother”.

Three days later something looking almost like foam is inside this little hand-driven device. Ok, this can be almost foam. All I’ve really done this time is strengthened my appetite for my perfect cappuccinos from 2019. Okay let’s get serious here, I sat down and googled a way to make froth at home. 10 years, 8 months, 5 days, and lots of hours later I’ve got only a listing of 900 million different devices. Ok, I exaggerated a bit. There have been some that kept showing up everywhere. The small battery-operated ones like the first YouTube video. I had already ordered one, the more I read the less excited I was about it coming. There are these jug steamers though. So, I pick one among the top-rated on Amazon. It gets here just after the handheld which was disappointing of course. This tiny thing is fantastic, I’ve got foam, nice fluffy mustache making foam! Outstanding for a weeks’ worth of time. I get a touch giddy in the head. I had fallen for one of these all in one coffee machine things, makes the coffee, any kind you want, and contains a steam wand to create delicious foam for all the stunning coffees. I’ve now justified to myself the value of investing in said magical coffee making device. Three days later I’m using the small French press because I cannot perfect my foam making skills. I probably have to take a barista class. After weeks of practice, trial and error, frustration, and YouTube videos I create foamy frothy joy with the beautiful steam wand. I’m wondering if I will be able to take the time to use these tools once we are all released from being grounded, then I’m wondering if we’ll ever really return to the way we were? But that’s another blog for a different day. One thing is for certain, I’ll be enjoying a decent cappuccino while I write it

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