Car Repair and the Types of Repairs That You Can Find

Car Repair and the Types of Repairs That You Can Find

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars are spent almost every year on research and development departments of famous automobile manufacturers to build cars that are easier to repair and maintain. Yes, car repairs in some rare cases can cost upwards of the original value of the car itself.

Types of Car Repair

Starting from the very basic such as a tyre puncture repair, there are seven most common categories in which we can further classify car repair procedures, they are:

#1. Tyre-Puncture Repair:

In the unlikely event of a tyre puncture a visit to the workshop is needed to get the tyre patched up, but also, wheel balancing and sometimes wheel alignment are necessary to be carried out after a puncture repair. This category also includes tyre replacements, which become crucial when the tyres of a car are worn out.

#2. Battery and Electronic Repairs:

There are times when the car just doesn’t seem to start no matter how much you crank the keys, this may be due to a discharged battery or a faulty alternator, either way, you’ll have to take your car to the shop and get the necessary repairs/replacements carried out accordingly.

#3. Scheduled Maintenance:

Most commonly referred to as ‘servicing’ in layman’s terms, this is basically all the necessary replacements of components that are worn out or used up over regular intervals and need changing to make sure the car runs smoothly, for example, air filters, engine oil, coolant, brake oil, brake pads, brake disc, A.C gas, etc. Relatively, scheduled maintenance cost less than car repair, if maintenance is not carried out at regular intervals.

#4. Denting and Painting:

In the event of an accident, things sometimes are not damaged in terms of mechanical parts and components, but the overall cosmetic appeal of the car is damaged i.e. damage to the outer body of the car, for example, a dent, a scratch, etc. These damages require the dent to pop out carefully to restore the original shape of the body of the car and after that, a thorough paint job of the affected area is needed to bring back the look and shine the car originally had.

#5. Engine Car Repairs:

The hardest to carry out and also quite pricy are the engine repairs. These repairs require the expertise of an experienced car mechanic and also take up a lot more time than any other car repair procedure.

#6. Transmission Repairs:

A transmission repair is carried out and in this type of repair, mostly the components are replaced. Not as costly as engine repairs, but these types of car repairs are also considered being on the costly side.


Before you go for a car repair and consult a mechanic, you should check whether he deals in branded cars. Along with that, if it is a repairing, you should check whether the repairing shop provides you the right warranty.

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