A Bangalore-based firm may assist you in establishing your B2B & B2C business and earning millions!

A Bangalore-based firm may assist you in establishing your B2B & B2C business and earning millions!

Have you been searching for solutions to increase your product reach? Are you looking for assured guidance and assistance to grow and expand your business? Then, you have landed at the right place!

Here’s how the 18Flip Digital marketing agency can give wings to your business.

Whenever small companies initially start out, their main concern is usually how to get their initial clients inside the door. If you don’t have the right direction and equipment, it can be challenging. But with the help of the Digital marketing services by 18Flip agency, you are bound to achieve sure shot success. Their digital marketing services smooth out your online journey and allow you to track and manage your operations with ease.

About 18flip:

18flip is a digital marketing agency in Bangalore that helps B2B and B2C businesses increase sales and revenue by utilizing the latest sophisticated internet marketing platforms such as Search Engines, Social Media Networks, Emails, Display Networks, and Video Networks. 18flip agency has a team of digital media consultants who promote your services and products offerings by using extremely focused online marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, SMM, SMO, and others to communicate with your customers on their digital devices.

What makes 18Flip unique?

The 18flip team incorporates online advertising into your promotional mix campaign, which focuses on attracting long-term customers in the digital world. 18flip agency uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions, as well as innovative digital marketing systems, to sell your brand in tangible ways through your website or mobile app. Search ads, Image ads, PLA Shopping ads, Dynamics Ads, Video ads, and Remarketing ads are all used by 18flip marketers to make digital media campaigns lucrative. 18flip agency improves your website’s marketing advertising by displaying them to the appropriate customers at the correct timing, depending on age and gender, income, education, location, user interest, and user activity.

Services offered by 18Flip:

  • Organic SEO: Using a great search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, 18flip firm optimizes your website with business keywords to achieve top rankings and a big boost in website presence in Google search results.
  • Content Marketing: To build brand awareness, 18flip agency uses blogs, white papers, and ebooks, as well as digital PR and native advertising.
  • Google Ads: Are you hunting for pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-call (PPC) services for your brand or business? With Google Ads, 18flip agency specialists can help you gain more website traffic and immediate leads while staying within your spending.
  • Social Media Marketing: The 18flip marketing department uses Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Twitter Ads, and Youtube Ads to advertise your brand and gain extra digital followers.
  • E-commerce Marketing: For e-commerce profitability, the 18flip agency team improves different marketing areas of your e-commerce store. (Shopping Cart Abandonment, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Average Order Value (AOV), Purchase Frequency).
  • Retention Marketing: Using upselling and cross-selling methods, the 18flip team can help you gain repeat profits and profitability from potential clients.
  • Email Marketing: The 18flip marketing team creates targeted email strategies that include A/B testing and email standards in order to increase prospective online transactions through your website.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The 18flip team can help you find and hire new associates to help you build your company’s reputation.
  • Online Reputation Marketing: The 18flip ORM team keeps an eye on your company’s online marketing systems to ensure credibility in the face of bad consumer reviews and feedback.
  • Lead Creation Marketing: They use flawless lead generation and demand generation techniques to bring in ideal clients and produce new opportunities for your company.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: The data analysts at 18Flip evaluate and reflect on your website marketing data, and also evaluate marketing ROI and communicate KPIs through reports and dashboards (CTR, CPL, ROAS, CPA, eCPM, CRO, AOV, CPC, Bounce Rate, demographic data).

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